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Winds of Change.NET 9/11 Honour Roll

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In the clamour and tumult of yesterday's events, I came away deeply impressed by many of my fellow bloggers. And by others as well. Allow me to share some with you...

  • Live from WTC had a picture of the towers, plus a link to an outstanding 7MB presentation about 9/11, courtesy of Steve Golding. Thank G-d for my Ultra-Fast DSL service.

  • The very best 9/11 site done using text rather than pictures and sound? I've given it a lot of thought, and I vote for Jeff Gates' "Dichotomy". See especially the "pairings page" - very real and very artistic all at the same time.

  • The innovative techniques and approaches used in building the Twin Towers.

  • ...And the mechanics and science behind their fall.

  • USA Today has the best multimedia news presentation I've seen on 9/11 at the World Trade Center, explaining what happened and reconstructing the journeys of several survivors. Their investigative journalism here was top notch... click any multimedia link on the right, you can't go wrong.

  • Steve Golding is also a member of the New York Soaring Towers Coalition. "The NYSTC is a non-profit organization of CONCERNED CITIZENS whose purpose is to RESTORE the site of the World Trade Center in a manner that REFLECTS the ambitious and optimistic spirit of NEW YORK, maximizes benefits for al peoples, promotes HEALING and INSPIRES FUTURE GENERATIONS." I became a member. Won't you?

  • Winds of Change readers already know what my choice for the rebuilt World Trade Center looks like (yes, it's even better than this one).

  • James Lileks has something to say. Even by a higher Lileksian standard than the rest of us face, this is excellent.

  • Dave Barry gets serious for a change, and writes about Flight 93. Wow. (Thanks to Damian Penny for the reference)

  • Reid "Photodude" Stott also rose to new heights. Not only with his "you shouldn't be here" 9/11 post, but also with "It's OK, I'm With the Firemen...." Photodude retraces a fellow news photographer Bill Biggart's final steps, using the recovered images taken from Bill's and others' cameras to explain as he goes. Riveting. I have got to find more space for this guy in my blog and blogroll.

  • President George W. Bush had something to say, of course (video). Another superb speech, appropriately short and striking all the right notes in its delivery. Speechwriters alone can't do this for a guy - I think it's time to admit that Dubya is a talented man in his own right. No-one would be more horrified at that prospect than The President, of course, whose ability to leave so many stunned political opponents in his wake depends on being underestimated.

  • Peggy Noonan writes for her readers these days, instead of Presidents. As usual, she nails it. "This is, truly, some story. This is not a terrible thing to have to tell our children. It is a warm story. But now a certain coldness is in order." What she said. Especially since one of the named victims of her proposed coldness is "Underperformin' Norman" Mineta.

  • Jim Cramer is never cold. Love his passion and antics on MSNBC's Kudlow and Cramer. "The Making of a Hawk" shows a liberal who wasn't just mugged by reality, he was thrashed within an inch of his life and left for dead. Keep reading until you get to the part about his closet.

  • It wasn't a speech or an article, but the crew of the U.S.S. Bellau Wood made their point (see photo). Craig Schamp has the story, and the background.

  • This wasn't a speech, either, just a reminder of why the words "British decency" go so well together.

  • The only item that made me cry yesterday was a cartoon from the Cincinnati Post. It's the one with a cell phone in the rubble. Courtesy of PejmanPundit.

  • Alas, Mark Steyn reminded me again why I am NOT proud to be a Canadian. But whose rousing words does he use to end the column? That would be progressive-rock icon Neil Young, a Canadian whose Sept. 11 anthem gives me cause to hope for me country. Well, a little bit anyway.

  • TIME Magazine carries "An Apology From An Arab."

  • Michele has had a very tough week. Please drop by and show her some love and appreciation.

  • Isn't this just a neat summation of the Left in general: "The world has moved beyond Sontag's understanding and experience, and she feels that is unfair." (see full article, thanks to")

  • Then there's Patti Davis, President Reagan's daughter and something of a lefty herself. "There was no announcement, but there was a flag. It was large and tattered, lashed to a wooden pole. The arms waving it were thin and dirty. They belonged to a homeless man whom I had seen before along that same stretch of highway; usually, he held a cardboard sign asking for money. Now, in the early dawn, while California was waking up to what New York already knew - that America had been horribly wounded and might never be the same again - this man had found a flag somewhere and was waving it like a proud soldier, announcing to passersby that he loved the country whose streets he calls home."

  • President Summers of Harvard showed us that all is not lost in Academia. First the bum's rush for that fraud Cornel West, and now this. Give 'em hell, Larry!

  • Ken Layne: "How many wanted to do something? I know quite a few of us started these Web logs because we couldn't do anything else, weren't allowed to do anything else. It might seem worthless, typing into a browser window instead of going after terrorists. But it's something." Yes, Ken. In a democracy, where public opinion is the real strategic battleground of this war, it surely is something. Thanks for being part of it with us.

  • Some good guidance for parents with kids, courtesy of Fred Rogers. When Fred Rogers was a boy and would see scary things on the news, his mother would say to him, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." Yes, we did. One of them, Fred, is you. Has always been you. Thank you.

  • I have to end this on a non-9/11 note, so... apparently, big cans of whup-ass are being opened all around these days. Getting in the spirit of things, "Vengeance is Mine!" sayeth Free Willy. Bet Disney won't be making any movies of this one. (Thanks to Tim Blair)
Tomorrow will feature our regular "48 Ways to Wisdom" feature as things return to what passes for normal here, and Saturday will feature our regular Sufi Wisdom of the Week.

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