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Teachers Harassing Soldiers' Children

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Welcome to Winds of Change.NET! If you are [1] a reporter and considering coverage of this story; or if you are prepared to talk to the media and [2] you or someone you know has experienced this; or [3] you are a teacher with thoughts on this issue, please email: joe -at- windsofchange dot net. Include your name, position and phone & email contact info. We'll verify the reporters' bona fides, then hand over the compiled contacts list.

Thanks to Trent Telenko for pointing this one my way. Apparently, the Maine National Guard Family Assistance Center has received about 30 complaints from children of deployed soldiers concerning harassment by school officials. Most of these kids are between 7 and 9 years old.

WABI- TV Bangor Maine | February 21, 2003 | 6 PM News

Alan Grover, WABI-TV: "What the kids are facing is hearing that [from Principals, Teachers and/or Guidance Counsellors] their mother or father is a bad person for taking part in the confrontation with Iraq; comments that are coming from teachers. That's according to officers with the Guard’s Family Assistance Program who've been traveling throughout the state this week. The officers report that such incidents are relatively few in number but that they've occurred in practically every region of the state."

Major Andrew Gibson: "Some kids have even reported that... ah... teachers have said things to them, specifically, about the ah unethical nature of their parent going off to fight."

It gets worse...
"LTC John Mosher: "Soldiers follow our instructions to coordinate with schools to let them know they will be leaving, that their child should be monitored and to keep an eye on 'em."
Consider that for a moment. Most of the children involved are 7 to 9 years of age. These teachers were told what was happening. Their response? Not help, but exploitation of the opportunity to single out and hurt a small child in a vulnerable state.

What kind of person does such a thing?

Imagine what it's like to have your parent away at that age, doing this. "Yes, love, I'm going away for a while... Yes, to fly... No, it isn't safe - I won't lie to you. But I'll be fine, just fine. It's something we have to do. For you. Take care of your brother, and be good, hear? And don't let your Daddy order pizza all the time... OK, then.... I love you... Bye." You're 7 years old; next month, you'll be 8. And there you sit, waiting anxiously for the moment when it's all over and you can see your Mommy again.

Now, imagine this kind of treatment from your Teacher. Or your Principal.


Reason has no words, for this is not its child. Morality and decency? Just abstractions in a relativist fog where nothing is real, and no-one ever responsible. No-one, except those within our society whom we are sanctioned by The Cause to hate. For they, and their children, are surely our lawful prey.

Worse still is the weaselly do-nothing attitude of Maine's state officials:

Alan Grover, WABI-TV: "Maine education commissioner Duke Albany says he and the National Guard are discussing the allegations and he will issue an advisory to the state's educators if that's warranted. For now, though, Albany says that such allegations seem very out of character for Maine's dedicated teaching force and that no parents have made any such complaints to the education department.
Responsibility must be a word they don't spell very well in Maine; ditto leadership. He could have said that such treatment, if true, would be unconscionable. That he takes these allegations very seriously, and encourages people to come forward. Above all, that if due process found these allegations to be true, the consequences for those involved would be serious.

He said none of those things, of course. Bureaucrats can be slithy toves at the best of times; why risk real unpleasantness when it can all be swept away with a casual dismissal and some empty symbolism? There, all better now. The children? Oh, they'll get over it.

This. Must. Stop. And I don't just mean in Maine.

Maine isn't the problem, just the latest symptom of a widespread mindset on the Left that they have the right to use public monies and positions of trust to wage war on their political enemies through their enemies' children. We've seen this before. In the NEA's post-9/11 lesson plans. In "peace education" programs during the 1980s. In teacher's background materials put out by a Ontario Teacher's union that de-legitimaize Israel and explain, in November of 2001, "Why America is Hated." It's hardly new. It's hardly noticed.

It's time we noticed.

There's a direct connection between this sort of disrespect for parents and the willingness to use children under one's trust as political tools, and the abuse being reported in Maine. The transition from underhanded indoctrination to direct attacks on children in their charge is but a small additional step, one that mirrors the growing response of the "movement Left" as a whole to events around it. A movement defined by what it hates rather than what it loves must, in the end, begin to act accordingly. In Maine, and elsewhere too.

What to do? In a phrase, we make people pay.

The reason this kind of behaviour continues is simple. It continues because it doesn't carry consequences. Because the people who precipitate these abuses stay in the system, to continue their conduct and then act as enablers for others later in their careers. Because the bureaucrats who abdicate and lie in the face of abuse learn that it's easier than confronting the problem. You want to know why? That's why.

When will it stop? When people get fired for the kind of conduct described here. When proposing one-sided politicization of the classroom as a captive forum for one's views becomes a career-limiting move. When officials who abdicate their responsibility to protect the children in their care from abuse become ex-officials - demoted, fired, or reassigned in the wake of a public outcry. When parents have a choice, and use it to punish schools that fail the test of responsibility. It doesn't need to happen every single time. But it does need to happen.

This is the 21st century. Like minds can connect on wavelengths of light, and the local can become national in a serious hurry. Events like the launch of Campus Watch and national coverage of the SFSU riot are shining the glare of public scrutiny in places that have grown unused to seeing it. It's time they saw more.

Welcome to blood, toil, tears and sweat.

This is hard. It takes time. It doesn't always succeed. Just like all the other necessary and worthwhile things in life. Sometimes decency doesn't come as a given. Sometimes, you have to fight for it - and punish those who think it doesn't apply to them.

You want to push your foreign policy views? Invite and present other viewpoints, or get a show on local cable. You want to tell my daughter that abortion is murder? Buy a radio ad. You say you wanna revolution? Well, you know, we'd all love to see the blog.

Just leave our kids out of it. Or else.

UPDATE: Emperor Misha has a link that gives you the media broadcast (bottom of the post). And Trent Telenko has some updates of his own on this issue.

UPDATE 2: Special thanks are due to Robert Crawford for that video. Credit where it's deserved. Discredit too... the state Education Commissioner's name was misspelled in the transcript, and should be Duke Albanese (email him at Thanks to alert readers Bob Houk and Paul A'Barge for this information.

UPDATE 3: Further developments as of Wednesday night.

PERPETUAL UPDATES: Just go here for the complete set of indexed links that will take you through all our coverage of this issue.

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Wonderful post. You have my support.

One would think that teachers would refrain from saying bad things about their students' parents, if only in the HOLY NAME of SELF ESTEEM. Of course, one would be wrong.

More than ever I am thankful that I had the opportunity to go to one of the best schools in my city. Thinking back, I can't recall my teachers EVER making an ideological statement... unless one calls the teaching of civics such a statement.

Wow. It's hard to believe any teacher could be that idiotic. Perhaps one of these brave examples of human leadership should go over to Iraq, and spend five minutes as an Iraqi - until then, shut yer cake hole, and let adults make the important decisions.

And I agree, Joe, leave the kids out of it.

Can you even imagine a similar scenario in 1942? I can't. People like this are poison and should NOT be teaching our young folks ANYTHING.

Whatever your views on the conflict of Iraq this is unconscionable. Do these teachers harass the children of tobacco executives? If the children of Saudi and Egyptian citizens who are here were harassed for their countrymen's involvement in 9-11 people would be, understandably, outraged. I can't believe this is happening to the children of the men and women who are defending us. I agree, leave the children out. If you want to express your views to the parents, save it for Parent-Teacher night (still an inappropriate soapbox, but at least you're dealing with the adults rather than the children).

Thanks for drawing attention to this Joe.

Many of us parents did notice this decline of American values as far back as 1963. My oldest girl was just starting public school first grade and I was pregnant with another one. We had sold our home and I was looking for a bigger house and thought I would interview some of the school administrators in several school districts. I found that most of the administrators were flower children who had no set standards or firm curriculums to offer my daughter. She had been in nursery school and seemed to take to academics easily.

She would have been totally lost in several of these schools so I went out looking for a private school. I wanted American values, history, culture, you know the whole patriotic thing offered to my girl and found one!

Turned out that I was not alone and a small group of teachers and mothers put this new school together from an old smelly motel. I found a home nearby, talked the mate into making the move and it was the best damn thing I have ever done.

My friends who had their kids in the government schools were horrified at the feeling of anti-Vietman vets and even dared to tear down the heroes of WW2.

Everything American was wrong and only the United Nations should be respected. Why these decent American parents allowed this was beyond me. My girls both loved our very different school, the teachers and especially the all American celebrations that they all were involved in.

The Anti-American tripe coming our of our schools goes back to the late 50s and I'm shocked that people are just now seeing it.

BTW, both my girls attended Berkeley and came out Conservative Republicans. The brain washing was good!

It is time for a return to corporal punishment. Teachers who misbehave in this manner deserve a good old thrashing. I recommend a public paddling in front of all the students and parents.

In 1972 when I was 12 my dad was in Vietnam and I had a Sunday school teacher in the church we were attending tell me that my dad was a "baby killer." I had friends whose dad's never came home. If it wasn't for the care of a Navy Chaplain I would have given up on God. Now I'm a Chaplain myself, and I find that teachers of any sort who subject kids of military members to such treatment to be hateful and loathesome individuals. Freedom of speech is one thing, harrasing military kids is another. Shame on them, we provide for those people's defense, and they loathe us so much that they taunt our children. It angers me to see this happening and the teachers not being disciplined. Shame on them and those that tolerate such behavior.

"the old saw is still true"
thoes that can do/ those that can't teach/

all the teachers i know personally are UNION dupes having already been wise many preachers who offer nothing but critism of the consertives, but never offer much themselves
but an extended hand to steal your $$$$ fot
their good causes.

Any teacher that would harass a chlld because his parent is serving our country n the military is a rotton cowardly bastard and should be fired, Sorry for the profanity but it's the only way I could even begin to express my anger at this vile, disgusting, behavior.

i hope fox news picks up this story because otherwise it will be lost under a pile of "market skiddish due to iraq fears" and "blix says iraq willing to comply" stories.

the grand irony is that these teachers can't use the word God in schools, but they can proselytize youngsters with political tripe can call it freedom of speech.

Next time you hear from "progressives" about the importance of being "caring" (particularly for "the children"), keep this incident in mind. The caring is purely abstract. When it comes to real people, they can be humiliated (or worse) at will.

Afterall, these teachers are good for one thing. Send them over as human shields.

I am so angered that my first draft reply was a disgraceful example of losing one's composure.

I left my twin sons to go to the first Gulf War and my wife reported that even in the supportive, pro-military community we lived in, it was hard on them. Years later they still were upset that I, in their perceptions, had “abandoned” them to go fight in a war on the other side of the world.

And no one attacked their self-esteem or self worth by lecturing them that their father was “bad.”

I’m appalled that anyone, but especially an educator could sink to the level of terrorizing children. I’m sending this link to several of my retired military friends in Maine to let them know how contemptuously they are held by some of their state’s educators.

Jim Hogue, CMSgt. USAF ret.

Reminds me of when I was in Columbus Georgia stationed at Ft Benning. Our 7 year old was in a public school that we liked very much. One night, though, at the PTA meeting the discussion came up about how to teach the kids about the evils of guns (this was around the time of that boy shooting his teacher in the face a few years back). They (the principal and the teachers) wanted to have this course on how bad and dangerous guns were.

I'll never forget as this one father stood up and said (in effect) that he was an Infantryman in the Army and didn't think it was appropriate to send the signal to his kids that their father was doing something wrong by being in the Army, that there was something wrong with him being assigned an M-16 to defend our country. I was equally proud when he received an ovation.

Needless to say (or maybe it's not needless to say), and to their credit, this blanket type of gun banning indoctrination of our kids did not happen. Not that year.

Too bad we can't draft human shields for Iraq.

I'll bet Brit Hume covers it on the Grapevine. If he doesn't, O'Reilly will, or I'll spam him.

What these "educators" seem to forget is that Mommy or Daddy will on be gone temporarily and will return home at some point.

Mommy or Daddy, being a soldier and not accustomed to accepting such nonsense, will make his or her views known to the appropriate party. This will come back to haunt these cowardly teachers.

As the Opinion Journal likes to point out, if these teachers were Republicans, this would be hate speech.

Thanks Joe. A great post. But here's something positive for you parents with kids who are being manipulated and abused like this. I was a seven year old in 1942. I went to public school, but because my mom was Catholic I also attended Catechism class twice a week. I'm seven. The nun made the statement that the Japanese did NOT attack Pearl Harbor on December the 7th, they attacked it on December the 8th, JAPANESE TIME so as to attack on the Feast of the Virgin, which is on December 8.

Now folks, even at seven, my little God inside me said, "this could be bullshit kid". Think back. Even as children we weren't totally stupid. I don't know what I can personally do about this but I'm going to try for an hour a day.

Thanks again, Joe. And to you people who are in the service and who have kids in these schools, I'm sure they will get support.

Support or oppose the war, doesn't matter. Soldiers are going out and laying their lives on the line. They don't decide whether or not to fight--that's done by politicians. If you don't like a war, blame the politicians--but don't blame brave men and women who want nothing more than to place themselves between civilization and the cold horror of war. They go where they're told, in accordance with their orders.

This is one of a million reasons why parents should have real school choice.

Even a government school teacher could figure out not to do such things, if the parents could move their children and that lovely chunk of tax money to a school where the teachers cared about the kids.

This is one of a million reasons why parents should have real school choice.

Even a government school teacher could figure out not to do such things, if the parents could move their children and that lovely chunk of tax money to a school where the teachers cared about the kids.

Can we bring back the pillroy? These people need to be pummeled with over-ripe fruit.

Spam may be good for something after all.
Post the names and e-mail addresses of these teachers so they can receive appropriate thanks from all of us for their concern.

Ranting is not enough. Provide the names, email addresses and telephone numbers of administrators who should be held responsible for the behavior of these teachers.

I think you've got the last name wrong of the Maine administrator. See *this page*:

Do a search for "duke" on this page. His name is Albanese.

And, voila, there is his EMAIL address.

Go to it, boys and girls. Don't just rant, communicate.

"Makin' mock o' uniforms
That guard you while you sleep
Is cheaper than them uniforms,
And they're starvation-cheap..."
--Rudyard Kipling, "Tommy"

Some things haven't changed in over a century.

I was outraged when I read of this. Immediately posted a call to arms in my Slashdot Journal to spread the word. Submitted it as a story to SlashDot too, but their editors do not seem to think it is news : * 2003-02-25 21:53:38 Maine Elementry Students Harassed (articles,ed) (rejected)

Now that you have the guy's email address and telephone number, maybe you'd like to *see what this guy looks like*

And *there's this*

Note that Maine is the state that is pro-active about making sure that religion is politically incorrect. But they can't find it in their hearts to protect children from hearing evil spewed about their military parents.

Must be something about that pesky freedom of speech of bigoted teachers, being all sacrosanct and all.

*Then this*.

Note that Maine is real big on "No Child Left Behind". Unless that child is the child of someone who has chosen service to their country.

Finally, note that the two US Senators from Maine are RINOs (Republican In Name Only). What a place of bottomless filth.

Let me think, "Maine borders our northern neighbor, a oneway bus ticket should take these nasty teachers to a country of like minds." Who knows? After a few years maybe Jimmy Carter will be elected to the White House again. Then they can come home.

Sorry for posting again so quickly.

I wonder if the same beurocrats would just blow off reports of State Trooper, Sherriff's Dept and local Police kids getting the same sort of crap? "Oh, your daddy is "The Man", "Nazi", "Storm Trooper", "Jackbooted Thug", "Fuzz", "Pig" and all of those other old hippie terms? Would they say "we are looking into it" or would they be putting out words of warning on the way to papering over the situation?

Yes, I know that the police might be actually doing something more forceful about a situation like this, within some version of the law, and Soldiers tend to be more polite (or deployed too far away to accidentially block a teacher's car).

as a teacher who is not a "union dupe" or "brainwashed" this kind of behavior makes me want to puke... the persons responsible in Maine should be exposed to heavy media scrutiny et al...At our school one of the teachers got called up and we threw an assembly to honor him & send him off...I teach at an urban public school in PA...we pledge allegiance every day & the students helped me paint an american flag over my windows in support of the troops & the country...we put a new quote in the window every day...(today the students selected "liberate Iraq" from a list they generated)
so save us the platitudes & generalizations e teegardin, you need to meet some different teachers or carry your stress in the jaw or something...
these jackasses in maine are an affront to the teaching profession, not a representation of it...

Ditto what Garret said. I too am a teacher in Washington State, not known for being a bastion of conservatism. I am an army brat of a Vietnam vet who proudly served his country for 20 years. I was amazed and horrified by the conduct of the teachers who would do this. They do need to be held accountable for their behavior. That being said the characterizations that many have made here about teachers is, in my opinion, as horrible because of their reliance on generalizations and exagerations about the individuals in this honorable profession. Criticize those who would dishonor my profession with this behavior but leave the rest of us, who would call them on the carpet for it, out of it.

The left wing in our country might as well be a fifth column of Sadam Hussein!

A real thanks to WABI - no other network station has bothered with this -
but then, the other Maine stations' standard media bias shows in every report - send congrats to

This is disgraceful. How narrow minded does one have to be to taunt a child? These teachers should be reprimanded.

This is a total digrace. These school officials should be suspended without pay and fully investigated. This is child abuse to the extreme. These children are already traumatized. They don't know when their parents will return. They need our full support and love and appreciation. These teachers are charged with the care of these children while they are at school. This is blatant abuse and they need to be called on it. If my child was in any one of these schools, I would be in the face of any teacher or administrator, who would dare to cross the line that has been crossed. I wouldn't care if my child was the target or not. It is about time that parents stood up to the tyrany of the public education system and demanded reform or else. My 23 year old son is in the Army stationed in Germany and anybody who knows me better keep their mouths shut when it comes to our troops and their families. I am outraged and would like the name of the public official who does not think this is an issue. He is fortunate I don't live in his town. I would be outside his house picketing right now. The time has come to draw a line in the sand with these people and say they are either with us or against us and let their own vile words convict them. Please send me the names and email addresses of schools in your area that are involved in this form of abuse. I would be more than happy to give each one a piece of my mind and I will be certain to spread the word.

Thank you
Mary Edinger

The commissioner's name is Duke Albanese, and this is his email address:

I just sent him an email stating that his responsibility is to ensure that any teacher found to have done such a thing have his/her certification revoked.

Of course such a thing could never happen -- can you imagine the NEA's howling? But it is what should happen -- what WOULD happen in a private employment situation.

The 1st amendment applies to expressing ones opinion to other adults. Not this. Harrassing a little child like that is nothing less than child abuse. Not only should such teachers be fired, their teaching certificates should be revoked and they should be blocked from occupations that put them in proximity to children.

that is just sick like kicking a kitten or something.

thankfully i never had to deal with that while in school. my little town has always had good relations with the local air force base, and i NEVER heard anything nasty directed toward the military.

Unfortunately, this does not surprise me. We have seen the not too slow attacks on patriotism in this country for years. What does surprise me is that this has not become a national issue. Even the Left's Big 4 (CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS)cannot ignore something like this. The problem is, Albanese will "cluck cluck" over this problem, promise that something will be done, and that will be the end of it.

I sincerly hope the parents of these children who have been abused are seeking legal counsel for both criminal and civil remedy. I would even hope the JAG offices on the affected military bases would take these cases, presenting them before a Federal Court, if we can get any more Federal Judges elected.

As I remember, Maine likes to tout its tourism. They'll never get a dime from me.

What a load of BS. One see's no names, no evidence, nothing to support the charges. Names of the teachers please. You folks are swallowing this hook line and sinker.

"What does surprise me is that this has not become a national issue. Even the Left's Big 4 (CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS)cannot ignore something like this."

Sadly, that's exactly what they are doing since it hasn't gotten any airtime yet.

This is one of those good example of the "blogosphere" keeping an issue alive until Fox or someone says "Hey, maybe that's newsworthy!"

Keep up the emails people, it will be noticed.


Excellent point Xioding! Where is the smoking gun???

You know how those CBS TV affiliates are always lying to support the vast right wing agenda.

Given the anger this has spurred; might it be just a tad irresponsible to name the teachers?

We're forgetting something. In addition to emailing this bureaucrat, what we need to do is to write, not call or email since that tends to be ignored, but write our congresscritters and tell them that (a.) this behavior on the part of the State of Maine and it's various minions is heinous and that (b.) no bills containing any Federal pork for Maine had better pass until this crap stops. These bureaucratic drones aren't going to care one way or another about our complaints, but when all of the sudden their congressional delegation calls and tells them that they're getting hit in the budget, that might impel these guys to do something right for reasons of expediency, since we can't rely on them to have any concept of right and wrong.

In defense of teachers, I would like to point out that the ones who would involve themselves in this kind of activity are a very small minority. Probably about the same percentage as any other profession who would denigrate the families of soldiers. The majority of us are loving, caring and overworked people who strive to give our students the very best tools for learning and growing.

Those responsible for such reprehensible behavior ought to be chastised as unfeeling and ignorant. We need to be careful not to paint all professional educators this way. I know many teachers who have led campaigns to write to soldiers, send boxes of necessary supplies, make holidays cheerier, etc. Let's condemn what needs to be condemned, but keep a level head.

It is reassuring to know that some people are concerened with this type of abuse, as well as the state of public education in our country. We must not sit by idilly while the fabric our country is altered completely by the "foreign" ideas of many in its educating class. Or, have we already gone too far down this road--cultural relativity, flexible standards of excellence, undisciplined "bands of brothers", etc.

It is apalling that teachers can be so crass!

This is sick yet typical. I was homeschooled for this reason, and go to a fairly conservative college now for this reason (Ga Tech.)

These teachers deserve to have the stuffing beat out of them, but unfortunately that won't solve the problem.

This blame America, hate America, anti-war pinko communist crowd is getting down to my last nerve!

I'm leaving for Marine Corps boot camp soon, and when I first joined I was so excited that I was telling anyone I had the opportunity to tell (I'm still excited; but as the day I leave grows nearer, I try not to think about it lest the reality of my situation set in!) I had more than one "person" say things such as "Oh, so you want to kill babies huh?" "Off to be a warmonger?" "Want to be another military loser?"
It's rather disheartening.

I'am a Technical Sergent in the U.S. Air Force and
it doesn't surprise me to hear this kind of crap. That's our tax dollars at work. Not just in Maine but in every state. Send your kids to a Government school and the only education they will
recieve is an Indoctrination. Does anyone have a contact for this particular school and a teacher's name? Would love to have it.

Name? Evidence other than "they said it on TV?" Sounds like more of this "if you're against war you hate enlisted people" bull. You want support of our troops? How about paying them a living wage? How about not cutting VA benefits? This administration talks about suppporting the troops when they mean, "support the war." When it comes time to take care of the men and women whose actually do the fighting, these chicken hawks are too busy trying to give tax breaks to their golf buddies. Even my grandfather, a WWII combat veteran who voted for both 41 and 43, thinks this one is a crock. Think he hates the troops?

Whatever your views on the conflict of Iraq this is unconscionable.

Agreed. Even if you think our country is about to make a big mistake (I do) and even if you think our troops are wrong for taking part (I don't) there is absolutely no excuse for laying that trip on a child.

How sweet! Government paid teachers imposing political ideology on small children? Shame! Shame on the teachers, their union, the school board and elected officials at all levels! What's next... Hitler's Youth? Catch a clue, Maine... elect some officials with a sense of common decency and fire a few bad teachers! Just remember - silence connotes consent!

At least as dismaying as the story itself is the long list of responses--in none of which the responder says, "I'm appalled, and this is what we ought to do," and in none of which another responder says, "I'm doing this; are you with me?"

"i hope fox news picks up this story because otherwise it will be lost under a pile of...." Well, why don't you help them pick up the story by pushing it to them--via several of their outlets?

There is no evidence that any teacher said any such thing. No parent has complained to the school. This is simply a case of this idiot website trying to spout off the usual anti-teacher tripe.

What are you folks afraid of? That the children's questions will instill doubt in the minds of their military parents...? Oye vey!

It's never too late for educated people to start the process of cleansing the brainwashed minds of children who grow up on CNN and patriotic FOX drivel to teach them to QUESTION AUTHORITY.

I betcha you think these here teachers are 'almost as pesky as those faggots and darkies in the army'...

JOJO - you say it's never too latet to clense the minds of the brainwashed children? You need to go peddle that trash talk on your own planet -- it won't sell on this one.

Dear Sir or Madam--

I'm one of the assignment editors at KFMB-TV news in San Diego. Obviously, in a town with so many military folk, this is an important story. We're interested in pursuing it, so your contact list would be helpful. I can be reached (Friday... Weds. & Thurs. are my days off) at 858-571-5155. That number rings through directly to the assignment desk, so you can "check my bona
fides". You can also email me at

Thank you,

Les Waldron
Assignment Editor

A one-way bus ticket to our Northern Neighbour? Thanks for nothing! We have way to many of our own idiots. We don't need yours as well.

The Canada I grew up to know and love is being destroyed by the Liberals, who are repeatedly voted in by the whiny cry-babies who rely on YOUR country for military defense. Then feel free to ram their wrong-headed, dumb-assed opinions down the throats of MY children in schools I pay for.

There's more today (3-26). See this article on the WABI web site: and a related story in the Bangor News here: (registration required.) Apparently, Duke Albanese wrote a letter:

"...In the letter, Albanese urged educators and other school employees to create supportive climates that are sensitive to all children. “I am asking you to remind school personnel that these are difficult times for our nation and that the families of military personnel need our sensitivity,” the commissioner wrote."

This little bit of fluff Albanese wrote to the superintendents would seem to be at odds with the actual statements of the General quoted in the story from WABI.

Susan Nixon:
"Those responsible for such reprehensible behavior ought to be chastised as unfeeling and ignorant."

That you think that would be sufficient shows just how bad the teaching profession really has become. They should fined, fired, and never work as teachers again.

And if you know any teachers that act this way it's your job to see that something is done about it. If your profession is unable to clean up its own act outsiders will have to do it for you, and you may not like the methods they use.

As a Independent Catholic Priest and Georgia National Guardsman, I find the actions of the Maine teachers to be slimy and cowardly to say the least. Children are never to be punished for the actions of ther parents. And again speaking as a Guardsman. We take an oath to preserve ,protect and defend. And as such we cannot pick OUR battles. We rely on the command structure for our orders and God to judge our actions and our hearts.
God Bless you who spoke out in defense of the children, and the Guardsmen.
Kieran Pavlick

It appears that the Maine Education Association's position--as of this morning--is they they know what they saw on the news.
And that it's up to the local boards and superintendants to investigate and handle it.
I'd be interested in how much the EA will spend to defend these morons.

There is a simple solution for teachers like these. Find out their names and addresses, and publicize them via email and the Web.

To me this is very simple: The teacher that abuses the trust of my child will be very sorry for it.

Most school principals and administrators are of an age with the undersigned and with Bill Clinton. The vast majority of them did not serve, and not a few of them entered the field of education as a means of evading military service. I new several contemporaries who had done so. It is not surprising that such a person would behave as described.

I am a retired high school history teacher and a conservative Republican. I never had any use for the NEA because they were wrong on every election endorsement they ever made and on most of their ideas on everything else. Many of my students ended up in the military and many came back to visit me wearing their uniforms. They knew from being in my classes that they would get honor and respect from me whenever they saw me. The anti-war crowd suffer from a bad case of dumb, deaf, and blind. They obviously don't have enough intelligence to see what is at stake for this country and what we must do as a nation if we are going to survive the terror war against United States. Most anti-war Democrats were all for all of Bill Clintons' military ventures and did not oppose his going into Kosovo without UN approval. It is not war that they oppose, it is George Bush that they hate and fear--they fear any success he might have, with foreign policy and domestic policy. So they will oppose him no matter how hypocritcal they make themselves. Teachers and school administrators harrassing children of military personnel prove Joseph Farah's point about government schools. He advises parents to pull their children out of these liberal, socialist dominated schools and educate them themselves. Those teachers who harrass those children need to be fired on the spot. Such abuse and disloyalty, based on obvious stupidity, must not be tolerated. I advise the parents of those children to vote with their feet. Get their children out of those schools and take over their children's education themselves, either at home or in good private schools which will educate instead of indoctrinate their children and treat them with respect. I recommend that they also put their children in schools that have not expelled God from their campuses and which do not teach the hoax of evolution as fact. What this country needs are educated instead of indoctrinated citizens and God-fearing citizens instead of hoodwinked atheists.

As member of the Army National Guard with a seven year old daughter and a three year old son I can not believe that teachers are being allowed to voice this kind of disturbing opinion to 7 & 9 year old children. This is the kind of propaganda that the Clinton days has spawned. Any teacher caught engaging in this kind of inappropriate behave should have there teaching license pulled so that can not containment the minds of any more kids. I heard about this on Neal Boortz this morning on my way to work. I do not know about any of you, but I will surely be voicing my opinion to the Guards Association and the Governor of Maine about these so called teachers actions.

Jojo wrote:
"I betcha you think these here teachers are 'almost as pesky as those faggots and darkies in the army'... "

Leave it to an asinine lefty to reduce every situation to a question of race and/or buggery.

I love watching Bush-clone zealots get themselves all up in a huff over uncorroborated "evidence" of the far left crazies. Reminds me of the good old Vietnam days. Aren't there actual issues to discuss?

"Make haste to assure us that you at home love and support us as we love and support you; for if we find that we have poured our lives into these desert sands for nothing, beware the fury of the legions." A Roman Centurion writing to his Senator uncle in about 400 AD
Fear empire? Just keep it, libs.

Well if the idiot Republican Party officials here in Maine don't condemn this I will. I am former young Republican Chairman for Maine and willing to talk to any and all press on this appalling story. It is sickening and I am very glad that Fox has covered it.

For more on Maine (real) opinion on this *go here*.

I am the fellow that posted this story on at noon on Sunday. It has certainly drawn national interest. The Maine government and media have worked hard to contain it but it is spreading. World Net Daily reported this evening that the Maine National Guard has at least 12 verified reports of this abuse by teachers and that the Guard is not releaseing names for fear of teacher reprisals on the kids. This is chilling.

For all of our servicepeople who have been, or will be, called to the colors - in spite of all the cheap shots from simpletons and surrender weasels:

Go with God (if you're a person of faith)
Go with pride
You'll be in my prayers

Liz L.

Jason wrote: "Reminds me of the good old Vietnam days."

Let me amend my earlier statement. Everything in the leftoid universe is reducible to race, sex, and/or Vietnam...even if (or especially if) these have NOTHING AT ALL to do with the issue at hand.

Jason wrote: "Aren't there actual issues to discuss? "

There ARE issues. We ARE discussing them. I think this story has legs. The word is spreading, and people are getting pissed off about it. This issue may not push your outrage buttons, Jason, but that doesn't make it a NON-issue. This was enough of an issue that you found a link somewhere for this post. You came here and left a comment, did you not? It wasn't a useful comment, or a polite one, or one that seriously challenged the views or beliefs of anyone, but it was a comment nonetheless.

I am using your posts in my class as classic examples of the use of overgeneralization and the straw man in argument. Thanks for all the help.

Ms. Faggard, as far as I'm concerned, the left wing in this country ARE a fifth column - for ANY enemy of this country who might come along!

There are stupid, insensitive people on all points of the political spectrum. To turn these few examples into a diatribe aimed at the entire "left" (whatever that is -- check attendance at all the recent peace rallies) just shows that your intent is primarily to polarize and to fan the fire in order to spread heat rather than shed light. Do we really NEED more of this? Nope. Oh, well... at least for a little while yet, until the Bush Administration has its way, you're all free to speak however you choose. Maybe.

Hmmm-let's wonder what would happen if these Liberal rosey-glasses-wearing-dimwits heard of teachers vocally supporting war in the classroom? These tree-hugging-stick-my-head-up-my-ass-so-I-don't-have-to-admit-what's-happening screwballs refuse to realize that countries like Iraq HATE us and have NO value for human life and WILL attack if the cowards think they can get away with it. So, with that in mind, should we continue to allow these brainless babbling feel-good fanatics to put into our minds and our children's minds that war is naughty and we should never, ever carry a gun or have any kind of negative opinion against another person trying to kill us and that anyone in America, including illegal aliens or terrorists leading horrible acts of war on America, all have Constitutional or Civil Rights? Should we believe that they are only "expressing themselves" and that they have this "right"? These people (terrorists, etc.) do not respond to love or any other feelsy-weelsy bullshit that the Liberals spew from the cavernous holes in their stupid faces. By teaching our children to lay down all arms and love everyone and if you love everyone, why then everyone will just love you right back, is so ludicrous that these lying shit heads deserve to die at the hands of a terrorist. If it wasn't for the unstoppable might of the American military, these viral pods of loving Liberals would not have the freedoms they have today. It's nice to imagine how these blind cowards would handle losing these freedoms and privileges and it would actually be entertaining to see how they would handle such an event! The indignant attitudes displayed by Liberals (especially women) at the drop of a hat would be answered by a bullet in the head by someone like Saddam Hussein. So, yeah, let's just continue to teach our children how terrible it is to think about hurting another human being and lay down all our weapons and open our arms to those such as Saddam. Think about it.

To Jason, Viv and all the others who view this behavior by a number of Maine teachers as a "non-issue"...

Let's just change the story to read:
"...the children were told that their parent(s) were 'bad people' for being homosexual (or anti-war protestors, or Democrats, or black or unemployed)..." Would you THEN, perhaps, agree that the teachers in question were acting abusively? Walk a mile in the maccasins of the children at risk. How would your feet feel?

To all the rest of you conservatives out there:
Why are YOU not a teacher in the educational system? We (as conservatives) have mostly ceded the battlefield of education to the liberals. Those teachers who have remained in the system are hopelessly outnumbered and outvoiced. The only way we will ever turn our system around is by working within it. Yes, the salary is insulting and job prestige is almost non-existant insofar as public perception is concerned. Yet, there are fewer places where you can make such a profound change in the lives and perceptions of future leaders. The Liberals have capitalized on this knowledge for decades. It's time for a change.

Think about it, then DO something about it!

Steve wrote:
<<Posted by: Steve Dundas on February 25, 2003 09:11 PM
"the old saw is still true"
thoes that can do/ those that can't teach/

all the teachers i know personally are UNION dupes having already been wise many preachers who offer nothing but critism of the consertives, but never offer much themselves
but an extended hand to steal your $$$$ fot
their good causes.>>

And those that can't spell, post on bulletin boards...

It's good to know we have such unbiased opinions leading our citizens to hate.

I'm personally opposed to going to war with Iraq, but that's between me and the government. The soldiers don't deserve any blame; they have to go where they're sent. I support the troops, but not the war.

Nevertheless, if these allegations are true, I'm going to load my pick-up with tar and feathers and head for Maine. I hope I'll see some of you riding alongside.

Hey, Phil -- Might want to read my post again before you accuse me of calling the issue at hand a non-issue. I merely pointed out that insensitive jerks are hardly the sole property of the dreaded "left," in contrast to Katzman's original post. Read a few more posts on this page if you doubt that.

Speaking of which: It cracks me up to read hysterical freak-outs like the piece "Kris" authored above, while remembering Ann Coulter insisting that LIBERALS are the nasty ones. Sheesh. Would all you conservatives appreciate being judged by the likes of her? Can you see why liberals would object to being tarred with the same brush Katzman uses on the teachers who (allegedly) said such insensitive things to their students?

Y'know, come to think of it, keeping their mouths shut would have been the P.C. thing for these teachers to do (if these allegations are verified) -- but, hey, somebody demonized the expression "politically correct" and it wasn't those goldarned liberals, was it?

Sigh. You can find insensitive jerks in any profession, but that's hardly a reason to demand Maine depart the Union.

Even WABI is saying this has gotten overblown.

This just shows how really mean and cowardly liberals can be. Children of military parents make sacrifices by the very nature of their situation. I would like to see the facts fully brought forth and to see full, lawfull prosecution of these teachers.

I homeschool my daughter to avoid the liberal-aethiest brainwashing that seems to be so common in most public schools. But if I taught in a public school I'd teach from a conservative Christian viewpoint, which would no doubt offend liberal parents. The fact is that all teaching conveys the values and beliefs of the teacher - there is no such thing as a truely nuetral teacher or curriculum. The only way to prevent this type of abuse of authority would be to have a voucher system that requires the money to follow the child to whatever school the parents feel will reflect their views. Itawful that kids were hurt by this, but this kind of situation is inevitable under the current system.

Just took a break from grading papers...haven't read all the comments so apologies if it's been mentioned earlier. I'm going to shout now, so cover your ears:


The libs have put plenty of odious laws on the book dealing with 'hurtful' speech...hold your nose and use these laws against them!!

I was at the university of Maine at the beginning of the Gulf War in a Communications Class. The professor decided that we should not have our tutorial but instead discuss why the war was wrong. I was left as the only one with guts to defend it and my grades suffered accordingly. I decided not pursue an MA in this course if they had no room for non-left opinions.

I agree the teachers should be sued for harassment. If bullying is wrong then bullying by teacher's certainly should be wrong.

some day these teachers, will ask for some helpto protect them. and i would hope that all who are offended by their comments to the children, will turn there backs. I am a UNITED STATES MARINE, and would love to TEACH them a lesson. GOD BLESS AMERICA, and to hell with the liberal likes of these classless people.

I teach construction trades so I am far from being a bleeding heart liberal.I'm all the way to the right.But the fact is most teachers all across this great nation are just a bunch of pimp liberals pushing their ideas on young innocent children.I came to realize this when I went back to college at thirty years old.I have a military back ground myself.When the attack of 9/11/01 occured,I also was a communications major.The professor asked the class what should be done about 9/11/01 I responded as any patriotic american would,I said find out who done this and bomb the hell out them.I was accused,by this liberal professor as being a war monger.I ended up having to drop the class because there was no way I was going to pass.If these teachers want to be so liberal that they won't support our country,the people that defend this country,and mosy importantly the little children left behind...They need to get the HELL out of this country.And quit being leech feeding off of this country.I hope the parents follow this issue and these teachers to the highest court in the land.Now is the time for us to rid our nations schools of these unpatriotic scumbags.Most teachers love to talk about things in the real world,when most of them have never been in the real world.Most have never had to face what the fighting men and women of this country have had to face.Wake up parents we can stop this crap in our schools.This kind of stuff has gone on way to long in our nations schools.To the principals,school board members,and parents do something patriotic----fire these individuals that treat little kids in this unspeakable manner.Teachers you should be caring for these kids not leaving them with scars that will follow them for the rest of their lives-----YOU FAILED.

We may have free speech, but that does not give us the right to damage a child’s psychology like that.

I have been stationed overseas twice in an international community where my kids have
been better treated than what these teachers in Maine are doing. I find it appalling that I
have served my country, not made the decisions that we are here to enforce, but freely
and proudly served my country for over 22 years and yet there are people who sit back in
their easy chairs to complain about what they deem is right or wrong. My family makes
sacrifices everyday for this country and yet they aren't out badmouthing the Belgians,
Germans, and French kids they see everyday in school and neither do the teachers, my
wife being one. If you (Maine teachers) don't like the way things are going then do your
part to change it in 2006, and in the meantime you can teach your students the
correct method for making a change in government, not by terrorizing them. These kids
are already having a difficult time because mom or dad or both are sitting in some austere
location praying that their family is okay. They don't need the stress you're putting on
them. They need to be ready to do their jobs, so when this is over they can come home
and be with their families. And if I'm not mistaken, a majority of the military in Maine are
Guard and Reserve forces from your local communities that VOLUNTEERED to do their
part to defend this country when directed to do so. You'd be screaming for the governor
to bring out the Guard if you had a natural disaster in Maine that your infrastructure
couldn't handle. Well the active duty force needs their help and I have yet to see them
fail at that task. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to go back to the less-than-forceful
Democratic mentality of Bill Clinton that got us in this mess in the first place.

Let me just preface this with the statement that I am conservative. This is critique from within...

This is such a powerful piece it really didn't need the bias with which it was presented. Mere presentation of facts is all that was required. Unfortunately, this "journalist" had to cheapen the story by injecting it with personal opinion and conjecture. By the end of the article I simply thought, "People will use ANYthing to tout their own political views or defame their opponents." This is simply an opportunistic article seeking to capitalize on a terrible situation. I get the impression that the writer of this article cares more about political views which differ from his own than he does about the children he so eloquently parades before us.

I think it would be more prudent to wait and find out who specifically was behind these assaults before we assume who's at fault and label them accordingly. Perhaps we could give the authorities involved just a little time to get to the bottom of this and to rectify the situation before we call into question their morality.

We have a society right now who just loves to lambast the nearest government official, corporation, etc.. Perhaps we could all look into our own lives; surely there's something we can work on there instead of so readily seeking out the faults in others.

Christopher Moss

Hey Viv - Ya need to keep reading waaaaaay past my comments! Looks like you be outnumbered girlfriend!!

It doesn't surpise me that this happened.. my experience with teachers (I'm 41 years old) is that they would harass me and other kids at the drop of a hat about anything.

It's inexcusable; no harassment by a grownup to a child (especially a child that isn't theirs) is atrocious. But, what do you expect from NEA limousine liberals?

What this amounts to is child abuse by way of verbal abuse. Maybe we should duct tape the teachers mouths shut. Or maybe these teachers need a lesson in civic duty and the law. Apparently these teachers are the products of the liberals of the 60's who haven't evolved yet. Face reality, this is world we live in made by appeasing everyone.

more from Mr Kipling please

For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck him out, the brute!"
But it's "Saviour of 'is country" when the guns begin to shoot;
An' it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' anything you please;
An' Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool -- you bet that Tommy sees!

Or read it in full

No, not much has changed in a century; and it hasn't been better expressed either.

My God..what has happened to our American pride. Those teachers should be fired and not allowed to teach on U.S. soil. Ship them off to Irac and let me teach over there.

This is unforgiveable and should not be overlooked.

Maybe these anti-freedom folks should run an ad that states their "feelings" that chidren and their parents in Iraq desevre what they are getting from their goverment. And that goverments shouldn't get involved in other coutries business no matter how that goverment treats the inocent citizens. After all france would be better off if the US hadn't step in to save their ungreatful behinds.(more then once, we could do as they are doing in the Ivory coast just cut and run when the going gets tough)
Come to think of it the treachers are doing some what the same they can't treach the basics, so they want to change what they treach while all the time OUR chidren become less educated but they( the treachers union and the school buracats get more and more money.
At this piont I am going to campain and vote against anything this union or the treachers are involved with .School vouchers just got another backer.
james crawford
parent of three
public school chidren

What would the reaction be to allegations of teachers harassing kids because their parents were murderers for selling and mounting Firestones on Explorers?

There ARE good and patriotic teachers in the US's public school system. I would even venture to say that the majority are good and patriotic. The problem is that they fear for their jobs if they publicly disagree with the school board or the union. Most vote with the union out of fear (mainly spread by the union) instead of analysis and understanding of the issues.

There has to be some way we can encourage patriotic teachers and get rid of the wackos who seem to be in charge. The best antiseptic is sunlight - so we all need to shine some light. Parents, go to your children's school, talk to the teachers and principals, listen to what they want to teach and have your voice heard. Then go to school board meetings and PTA meetings. It is because most of us have other things to do that these meetings become playgrounds for anti-American behavior. Participate, support school vouchers and publicly praise good teachers.

After all, your child's education is their future, do you want them to grow up as a pawn of a communist/socialist/Marxist? Or as a free thinking red-blooded American?

Unbelievable. How disgusting is an adult who will use a young, already scared and vulnerable child, to vent his political feelings. I have read alot of the news about this and some of the posts and I cant believe Maine's system isnt outraged at this. Instead they try to dismiss it as only a few bad seeds. One of them is too many!!! Teachers are in a way too influencial position to be allowed to do this and they must be fired and banned from teaching if they did these things. They obviously have lost grip of how much they can affect the children they teach, or worse yet, they do know and they do this anyway to further their opinions.......

If one of my kids came home and said his teacher/principal said I or my wife or any military person was immoral I would go to the school and confont the individuals face to face. The liberal left are a bunch of cowards. I would then drag them down to Ground Zero, here in NYC, and stuff the remains in their face. Why is it that the left is not going after Sadaam?? Why don't they ask the kid that was just tortured if he wants the US and it's allies to free them. Yes, allies as the liberals like to say it's unilateral action we are taking. Bull!! When the war is over and the Iraqi people are cheering the British and American troops entering Baghad that's enough justification for me. I was there on 9/11, I never want to see that again. GOD Bless our Military, Yes GOD Bless America

Joe's post said "Most of the children were 7-9 years old." A report on Free Republic says that of 30 complaints, "some" involved children 7-9 years of age. You should not exaggerate. Also, CNN reports that some of these incidents occurred on the playground. Did they involve statements by students? If so, do you want teachers to police students' speech? Until what age?

"WABI TV reported Friday that the Maine National Guard Family Assistance Center has received about 30 complaints from children of deployed soldiers concerning Principals, Teachers and Guidance Counselors reportedly demeaning the role of their deployed parent. Some children involved are 7 to 9 years of age."

Another thing, Joe. You say "This.Must.Stop. And I don't mean just in Maine."

Please focus on your own state. We believe in local control of education in my state, and have plenty of people that can express views such as yours. If you do want to weigh in on issues in my state, please don't distort facts.

I believe that these teachers should not be putting down our military, I mean these men & women are serving our country to protect us & are sacrificing there own lives to save ours. I feel these children already have enough on there plate as it is especially those who have both parents gone. God Bless Our Military & Gob Bless america

OK, Joe, I listened to the WABI report and they quoted a National Guard spokesman as saying "most" of the kids involved were 7-9 years old. So if you were using that fair enough and I apologize.

But the spokesman also said "some students have even said that teachers have contacted them directly." This suggests that comments by teachers are the exception, and that most of the comments were by students. CNN said some of the incidents occurred on the playground, which sounds like comments by students.

Listening to the Guard, it sounds like they are trying to protect the children of their members, who may in fact be traumatized from hearing criticism of the war at the time their mother or father is leaving and may not come back. That's laudable and the job of the Family Assistance Program. But the Guard is not making accusations of "assault" and "harassment," which relate to the actions of teachers; they are saying that children are being traumatized by hearing about the war. That is a huge difference, and since there is talk of lawsuits, as a lawyer I'll say that is the difference between intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Try proving a school was negligent in not preventing a student from saying something against the war. You'd have Armey, Barr, and the ACLU all over you, and rightly so.

I am not trying to invalidate the arguments of people on this site, but they should be based on facts. Some of you folks are using this to rail against teacher unions protecting teachers, and in doing so are showing why a teacher might want a union to be protected from firing based on hysteria.

Do you folks want teachers to censor what you see as unpatriotic speech by students? Ultimately, the argument of the National Guard is that the children need support (true), that the schools are aware of this (true), and that thus schools should protect students from hearing criticism of the war (very troublesome). I think the Superintendent did what he could within the limits of the First Amendment.

If a teacher said something very critical of the ethics of the war directly to a student, especially one under 14, that he or she knows has a parent going off to war, that is very bad and quite possibly actionable for intentional infliction of emotional distress. The teacher may not have known, but I would agree that teachers should be careful knowing that a student might have a parent in the military, so you might have negligent infliction of emotional distress for what a teacher said, depending on the content.

But it is not clear that this happened at all. Again, the National Guard itself says that comments by teachers were the exception.

Oh God, I have to give a disclaimer. I'm not giving legal advice, just my opinion. I don't know Maine law and don't even know for sure if I'm right about potential lawsuits under my own state's law.

Please post an address where money can be sent to pay for lawyers for these children. I would like to contribute to this fund. These teachers are guilty of child abuse and should be brought to justice.

Their actions and mindset are clearly anti-American, anti-child, not anti-war. This is a disgraceful abuse of power.

This is psychological, intentional, malicious, sadistic child abuse. There is no mistake. This is a hate crime directed toward our children in our schools.

Their parents are defending our country but who is willing to take up the cause to defend their children? WE must be willing to take on the burden of defending their children by all means possible. We can show our outrage by prosecuting those responsible. No tenure, no NEA to hide behind this time. This is criminal and intentional.

If this were about race or religion this would already be going through the courts and on all network news.

Please post an address where funds for lawyers can be sent to defend the children of our military.

Bravery, selflessness, character have suddenly become bad things to some American educators.

Its about time we teach the educators what real Americans value.

Thank you very much

I think that any teacher who misuses their position as a teacher in this way should be prosecuted for child abuse. I certainly hope that some of the parents get together and consider a civil action against the teacher. There is no excuse for making a small child suffer just to make some pointless point.

God Bless America and to hell with all her enemies foreign and domestic.

This story angers me so much. It is beyond me how these despicable individuals can justify hurting innocent children in the name of their twisted ideology.

This needs to be investigated and termination and jail time should await any person guilty of this heinous act.

In addition, I would love to see the names of these teachers published if it is proven that they did this.

I just e-mailed Secretary Albanese myself, demanding disciplinary action. I am absolutely stupified by the behavior of these teachers. It disgusts me to the core. For someone entrusted with nurturing children to use his or her position to BULLY them, and at such a vulnerable time, is horrific.

I am the daughter of a career Air Force man. Children used to tell me I "didn't have a daddy" on the playground when he was in Vietnam. I cannot imagine having a teacher act that way.

Now, I am a major in the Air Force Reserves, with young children of my own. I cannot even comprehend this. It saddens me more than I can express. God bless America.

PS--I just looked up the Maine Adjutant General's information. I think it would be wonderful if we all mailed/faxed letters of support for their families. Maybe if they pass them on to the affected children, it will help them realize how much support exists for them and their families around the nation.

Brigadier General Joseph E. Tinkham, II
Adjutant General and Commissioner
Maine Army National Guard
Camp Keyes
Augusta, Maine 04333-0033
207-626-4509 FAX

The National Guard helps and protects citizens during state emergencies. Now the members are sent overseas and their children get subsequently harassed in school? Teachers should never impose their private beliefs on youngsters in this fashion. They shouldn't be teachers!! To not comprehend how traumatic it is for children of this age group boggles my mind and concerns me. I am surprised that the teachers in those schools haven't already spoken up in outrage. I have found some anti-war sentiment among some teachers but there is the natural desire to protect children and do what is best for them. Shame on them!
Teacher in NY

I read something about the NEA's howls if we lifted the certifications of those resposible....well, sure, that's the function of that body. But when are the CITIZEN'S of this country, and those that serve it, goint to get thier Union? I served during the Storm, and iam proud. My father served in "Nam, and I am proud. My son is safe, free, and happy, and I AM PROUD. These teachers work for the same people as the military, and on the job are REPRESENITIVES of the GOVERNMENT. They have Freedom of speech, like everyone else....OFF THE CLOCK> Fire them? Remove thier certificates? Or Horsewhip them? I know what I would choose. To the many fine teachers out there, I have nothing but respect, but to anyone who have to abuse a child to express thier opinion( and it was abuse), I have nothing but contempt.

I've read the article 4 times so far. And I've yet to see or read a detailed accusation of what teacher(s) are actually alleged to have said. That would have been useful! To actually know what it is that has caused so much anger and outrage. But no names, no parents names, nothing.
I also found it interesting that Fox"News" Bill O'Reilly was told politely by the officer in charge of events to "take a hike" basically. He spelled out the co-operation between the Army and the Education department, made it clear that he was satisfied with the approach that the education chiefs were taking and that work was progressing to make sure that children did receive the proper sympathy and respect and understanding needed at this time. No matter how hard "Bill" tried, the officer stayed with that view but, probably sincerely, thanked Bill for his input!
It'll be interesting to see what merit this hysterical reaction to something so devoid of evidence actually turns out to have,

Just sent the following email to everyone on the contact list. Sorry for meddlin' in Maine's affairs... maybe you all would like to move down here where it's warm...

Mr. -----:

I am a Navy brat. My children are Coast Guard brats. My grandchildren are either Navy or Air Force brats. My great-great-great-great grandfather was bayonetted to death at the Battle of Lexington. My great-great grandfather won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Please advise your so-called educators that the only reasons that they have any freedoms whatsoever is because the men of my family (and the men and women of several million other families) fought and died to secure these freedoms. If your teachers want to verbally abuse someone, tell them to come on down to Texas and try abusing me.

I will be totally appalled if these so-called educators weren't summarily terminated for cause.


Charles J. Anning

After looking over all the posts over the past few days week I find it amazing how far liberals will go to excuse and minimize the behavior of thier own and to find fault with conservatives who call them into account. I can only imagine the uproar that would occur should a single conservative teacher criticize parents who might be out protesting war and the military in the classroom in front of thier vulnerable and sensitive child. In fact I bet the teacher would be suspended and the incident would get covered in major newspapers and TV outlets without end. In fact, it would be held up as indicative of the intolerant and mean spirited conservatives by every liberal pundit in the country. We wouldn't hear the end of it. But let anti-war anti-military liberals abuse the kids of military members in quite a few places in one state and see the reaction of wacko liberals (not some of the self identified liberals who condemn such behavior) who run out to defend the behavior of of these teachers or minimize the effects of what they do. What a vile double standard. But then, that is typical.

I have posted an update on the situation here:

These mealy-mouthed teachers and officials would be the SAME losers who'd DEMAND protection via our Armed Forces should terrorists strike closer to where they live. But then, what do you expect from people who no longer hold the teaching profession with respect and dedication, but rather just a way of getting a "paycheck" every two weeks? They should be ashamed of themselves for what they're doing to the poor young students. But then, one has to have HONOR in order to feel ashamed...

The Teacher's responsible should be sent to a different country and replaced by REAL Teacher's---You know the one's that consider the children in their classroom as important as their own children-----like Teacher's used to be when I went to school.

I am the wife of an activated reservist who is deployed overseas with an 8 year old son. I know that if this happend to me, I would have to be restrained in order to avoid a physical confrontation. I would also make the incident public knowledge.
Lucky for me, my sons teacher is the wife of a retired Navy Commander. She has been most helpful as most teachers are. This group of minions that call themselves teachers are a small minority.

Diane: You go girl. We women have to stick up for our kids. I wouldn't be surprised if we will hear things like "the teacher had PMS, and therefore didn't know what she was saying" if a male teacher "he was deciding whether he should go see his physician for a sample of Viagra. Or lets give them therapy, and find out what childhood they had, lets get to the root of this problem". I can hear this b.s. already. Slap on the back, and to hell with these poor kids.

Thanks Barbara.....It is hard enough as it is to loose a spouse for 6 months to one year. In a time like this the parent left behind as more responsibilty then being just two parents. We struggle with our own feelings, but we have to put these on hold because the welfare of our children come first. I have many liberal friends that have their own feelings of the war, but they support our troops, they make sure that I am doing OK, and they have my son over to play with their children. There is absolutely no excuse for this type of behavior from anyone. I was shocked and outraged when I heard about this incident. I am a calm, sensative, reasonable person. However if someone deliberately hurts my child (especially an adult) those feelings turn to rage. All of us that are mothers can attest to this.
These teachers need to be held accountable for their actions and promplty dismissed at the minimum. They are suppose to be educated adults, and they need to be held accountable for their actions when they abuse an innocent child in any way, shape or form.
Teachers like this are not worthy to educate our children

Diane: You took the words out of my mouth. I've been in your shoes. We are retired Army, and when my husband went to Viet Nam I too was left behind with 2 small children and NO family other than our 2 kids. We have to be strong as they say in the Army "Army wife the toughest job in the Army", this is so true, we learn real fast to stand on our own two feet, and take no crap from people prejudice toward our military or anybody for that matter. What gets me is these parents now are sweeping it under the rug by playing it off and kissing each others a..(parents+the Guard) What kind of message does that send to their kids? "Spineless wimps". My mother stood up for me, I stood up for our kids (they're both in their 30's now and have their own families)and they stand up for their kids. What kind of message do they send to these "uneducated" teachers?? Can't these parents realize with them being in the military they eventually will get another asignment? what if this will happen again (trust me it will, especially if the war will break out) teachers throughout the nation see that nothing is done to these so called "teachers" in Maine. I've nothing but utter disgust for the Senators, Congressmen, Dept. of Education in Maine and the NG for letting this go to sleep now.

We urge all military and retired military as well as civilians to stay clear of Maine, don't vacation there, and don't buy/order any products from there. We can only "urge" people not to go to Maine and buy from there its up to the people what they decide to do. As for us and our retired military and active duty military friends, and friends of our kids all will stay clear of Maine.

To all the good people in Maine and the good teachers in Maine I say sorry direct your anger and disappointment to the people mentioned in my first paragraph.

Diane, if you need any emotional support while your husband is serving this country don't hesitate to chat with me. We are strong women that is why our husbands are so very proud of us.

P.S. I too know liberal people, and they have enough CLASS to keep their opinion to themselfes knowing that my husband fought for this country and our troops maybe have to fight soon. These teachers in Maine who harassed our kids have NO CLASS, NO SENSITIVITY, NO EDUCATION at all, and I would feel the same had children of Liberals or any body for that matter had been harassed. Child abuse is child abuse.

Joe, and all the other people in the chatroom who support the military kids. On on the "Teachers net chatroom" somebody has the nerve to call us "morons", and suggests "we should talk about education" and not read these "morons" e-mails.

I don't want to sound childish here for I do know that name calling also was done a lot from people supporting these military kids in Maine. Yes, we should not lower ourselfes to their level, but keep in mind these kids were harassed, and it hit hard below the belt. These teachers HAVE NOT YET COME OUT TO APOLOGIZE, because they're just to "arrogant" to do that. The NG colonel goes on the O'Reilly show of all shows and presses our "outrage and sympathy" buttons, but NOTHING SO FAR HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT THIS THAT WE KNOW OF, and now somebody has the nerve to call US MORONS for sticking up for our kids?

What I'm afraid of is this: When it will happen again people will have doubts, maybe will not take it seriously and most of all THE MILITARY KIDS MIGHT WONT SAY ANYTHING THEIR PARENTS THIS TIME BECAUSE THEY WATCHED HOW EVERYTHING WAS PLAYED DOWN.

I might did not make myself to clear in my previous post. That statement was made by a "teacher". You can check for yourselfes:


check it out on if for some reason you've a problem with the above address log on to, type "Maine Teachers" in the search box, and then click on the Teachersnet.Teachers Website chatroom, and look for the above poster.

You will see that immediately at least 2 teachers wanted to "cover up" for this poster, and you will see already the outrage which this has caused.

The teachers who are covering up for this are responding with "fellow teacher moron" wanting to make it look like this message was aimed at the teachers about "education"

These people are making total fools out of all the posters in that chatroom. Keep in mind that this chatroom has postings with at least 80% if not more postings about the military kids, and on THIS VERY website/chatroom is the above posting. Helloooooooooooo!!!!! and now they AGAIN are covering up for each other with making it look like it was aimed educationial issues..

What gets me, and I'd laugh if it wasn't so serious these are suppose to be "educated" ha, ha teachers. Even lets say for one minute this was really aimed at teachers other than the teacher/military kids issue how dumb can a teacher get to make a statement like that which could be easily be mistaken to mean the opposite. I can't wait to see how they will wiggle themselfes out of it. I showed it to family and friends, because I wanted to make sure if they see it the way I do, and all agreed with me IMMEDIATELY, and trust me my husband lets me know if and when I'm wrong.

Not only were our military kids insulted, it doesn't stop here now they have to insult parents of military kids, and all the other people who support the military kids.

I checked the, and its interesting that teachers despite all this still make inflammatory remarks. Read the post "What If" by Georgia Hedrick. In her 3rd paragraph she mentions 7 year olds MAKE STUFF UP ALL THE TIME. Her last sentence in the last paragraph she states "They are taught that fighting is wrong (little kids)except in self defense and yet, off go their parents to fight-not to defend, but to attack. Sad, scarey.

Before anybody wants to shoot off about this and side with her I say she has got a right to her opinion and its a free country, but with all the mess the NG colonel going on the O'Reilly show, and therefore exposing these prejudice teachers yet here comes this dame, and just keeps on with her remarks, and there are other remarks by other teachers for example A CHILD SHOULD NOT GET AN "EXCUSED" ABSENCE BECAUSE THE FATHER IS GOING OFF TO SERVE" "SOMETHING HE SIGNED UP FOR". Excused absences are only for Funerals, Illnesses etc. and on and on. Even now with all this mess which the public has not been told what really happened they keep on doing it.

For the dame who was shooting off about the parents going off to "fight" and not "defend" etc. don't people like that realize that Teenage children of these soldiers might be reading this??

To sum it all up the more I read these teachers responses the more I see their prejudice toward the military, and the more I believe that all this really happened. BTW I wanted to send a posting, and a message comes up saying something like "we have to review your message first before posting" keep in mind THIS MESSAGE BY GEORGIA HENDRICK WAS REVIEWED AND POSTED despite her remarks.

I started reading & felt the need to add my comments. I didn't read all but enough. As Far as the people commenting that this article of teacher doing such a thing is b.s. and didn't take place is b.s. Because I seen too many walk outs on news, for protest where the kids didn't really even know what they were protesting for. Any teacher who does such a thing as that, should never teach again. If they are not proud to be American, they should go live in Irac or Iran and see how much they care then. 1 That's why I will probley home school my 4 year old. Who's daddy is in Irac now.I am ashamed of the people protesting, they don't realize that is a right of our freedom & why we keep it. they can protest because of what our men are doing right now. I'm really discusted w/ the anti-war activist. Because in a sense they only do it for fun & don't really care of what is real or really even know why our soldiers joined. My husband in basic at Ft. Benning stated most every man there joined for 9/11. & My 4-year old knows what her Daddy is gone for, to get bad guys. I don't hide alot from her fearing that someone else may get the info to her before I do. I'd rather her hear it from me than someone or something else. Alot of people disagree, & say we shouldn't burden young children w/war, which I somewhat agree,but what do you do when they hear it somewhere else. And when their fathers/mothers are gone what do you tell them.?? She understands as best as she can, I don't let her worry as I do. She doesn't know that part. But atleast she can defend herself knowing her daddy is doing a good thing & not bad. These children go through enough as it is when they lose a parent for however long, any teachers should keep their oppinions to theirselves, that is not right. We have no choice my husband & her father is over there, it doesn't matter my opinion on whether the war should have begun or not.

i didn't read it........... so i have no comments

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