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Iran Regional Briefing: 2003-06-13

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June 13/03: Winds of Change.NET Regional Briefings normally run on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Fridays will also be briefing days, and I'll start by using it for special briefings like this one.


  • has Nikki Keddie on what recent history has taught Iranians. Her points about the clerical-business alliance that forms the core of the Iranian regime's stability are especially worth noting (see also: A Bazaari's World, The Atlantic). A good overview of the environment we're dealing with.

Today's other topics include: recent demonstrations and reports, North Korean and Russian ties to Iran's nuclear program, Iran and 19th century Ireland, hatred and Iranian culture, an Iranian blogger's beefs with Michael Ledeen, and Michael Ledeen himself...

  • Iranian student "Koorosh Ashfar" also chimes in about "The Burnt Generation" an eloquent and heart-rending account. My guess is that he's afffiliated with Daneshjoo, the Iranian student movement.
  • Is Russia backing away from its own cooperation in Iran's nuclear program? Maybe. Or maybe not.
  • I'll leave the last word here to Michael Ledeen. I can't see anything to criticize in his recent column "The Moment of Truth", and I'd bet Kaveh can't either. As Michael says: "Now, please. Time's up."

2 TrackBacks

Tracked: June 13, 2003 11:45 PM
THE IRAN ROUNDUP from Pejmanesque
Excerpt: Joe Katzman is a fount of information on my ancestral country. Go over and check out his posts....
Tracked: January 20, 2006 7:05 AM
Iran's Millionaire Mullahs from Winds of Change.NET
Excerpt: Forbes Editor Paul Khlebnikov was recently shot to death in Russia. Paul is the same reporter who exposed the massive financial corruption within the theocratic regime of Iran... related? We have the details, and the article.

1 Comment

And please remember that July 9th (Commemorating the Martyrdom in Tabriz of The Holy Gate) has been set as the date for a nation-wide general strike.

We can urge unions, NGOs and US Government officials, as well as ordinary Americans, to support the Strike, that it sets the stage for results like those experienced by Milosevic and the Marcoses!

July 9th, 1850 - July 9th, 2003

One Eye Opener after another!

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