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Famine, Lies & Justice

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Dean Esmay's site has one of the finest guest blogs I have ever seen. It's about the Ukrainian Holodomor (rough translation: "famine-genocide") in the 1930s, which killed between 4-10 million people on Stalin's orders. It's also about a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter named Duranty, who covered for that genocide at the time by reporting from Russia and the Ukraine that it wasn't happening. Why read Don Pesci's piece? First, for the reality of it. For the humanity of it, as Don describes the demeanor of survivors he's met; and for the journalists who had their lives changed by the simple choice not to lie. For the justice of it, too - it's time to get that blood-drenched Pulitzer revoked. Finally, you should read it for its current relevance. Duranty's spirit lives on at CNN, which covered for Saddam and appears to have similar arrangements now in Iran (Hat Tip: M. Simon). They're probably not alone - I didn't see much coverage of the Hong Kong demonstrations recently on Murdoch's networks, for instance. Caveat viewer. UPDATE: water, one of the Typepad beta testers, comments and turns the topic to Chairman Mao.

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Tracked: July 25, 2003 4:10 AM
Excerpt: [Via Winds of Change] Don Pesci, a guest blogger at Dean's World, talks about the Ukrainian famine of 1932-1933, the Holodomor. 6-10 million were murdered by Stalin. Think about those numbers. How many children, how many mothers, how many fathers

1 Comment

I'll bet that CNN has similar arrangements in Cuba and it would be interesting to look at other dictatorships, where CNN has bureaus.

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