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9/11: Anniversary & Remembrance

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N.B. (See also the 2004-2005 roundup, which is even more comprehensive and organized. Many of the links here that are still valid are also included there.) Amidst the clamour and tumult of all the 9/11 related posts over the past 2 years, some in particular have deeply impressed me. Allow me to share a few with you... Fighting Back * Dan Darling takes a look at al-Qaeda's key enablers and possible co-conspirators for September 11. Where are they now, after 2 years of the War on Terror? * The war goes on - and so does our coverage. Dan Darling pens today's Winds of War update for the global War on Terror. * United Flight 93. The first victory. Even Dave Barry got serious for a change and wrote about their story last year. Cox & Forkum has a cartoon and more links for y'all. Remembrances & Heroes * Jane Galt displays a picture of the twin towers again, which makes sense because her blog was originally "Live from WTC" - written every day from a trailer at Ground Zero. She also had a link to this outstanding 7MB presentation about 9/11, courtesy of Steve Golding. Thank heavens for Ultra-Fast DSL. * For lower bandwidth types, Donald Sensing has a photo set for you. There's also a very good photo set and article at The Lemon - no satire this time (Hat Tip: Michele). * Reid "Photodude" Stott did us all very proud. Not only with his "you shouldn't be here" 9/11 2002 post, but also with "It's OK, I'm With the Firemen...." Photodude retraces fellow photographer Bill Biggart's final steps, using the recovered images taken from Bill's and others' cameras to explain as he goes. Utterly riveting. * We would be deeply remiss without mentioning Morgan Stanley hero Rick Rescorla, who refused to leave until he was sure all his people were out. He's still there. Those who served with him in Vietnam say he was the bravest men they had ever seen. On 9/11, he proved it again. Read. This. Story. * For equally impressive accounts, the New York Times offers these reconstructions of some of the heroism displayed by Port Authority workers and others who didn't make it out. Two of those notable others were Frank De Martini, an architect, and Pablo Ortiz, a construction inspector. See also the interactive features in their 9/11 portal page sidebar. * And Abe Zelamowitz, of course, "The Saint of the Burning Towers" who chose to wait inside with his disabled friend and refused to leave. A truly fine man calls forth an equally fine tribute. * Speaking of which, here's the greatest eulogy I've ever heard or read. It's for Capt. Francis J. Callahan of Engine Company 40 and Ladder Company 35, FDNY, who perished Sept. 11. * NY Times' outstanding "Portraits of Grief" series includes obits and anecdotes for everyone who perished on 9/11. Including one Dave Barkway of Toronto. Rest in peace, my friend. * On a brighter note, here are some links regarding the 16 "miracle survivors" of Stairwell B. * The very best 9/11 site done using text rather than pictures and sound? I've given it a lot of thought, and while Michele's "Voices" site gets an honourable mention, I vote for Jeff Gates' Dichotomy pairings page - very real and very artistic all at the same time. * Then there's Patti Davis, President Reagan's famously leftist daughter. "There was no announcement, but there was a flag. It was large and tattered, lashed to a wooden pole. The arms waving it were thin and dirty. They belonged to a homeless man whom I had seen before along that same stretch of highway; usually, he held a cardboard sign asking for money. Now, in the early dawn, while California was waking up to what New York already knew - that America had been horribly wounded and might never be the same again - this man had found a flag somewhere and was waving it like a proud soldier, announcing to passersby that he loved the country whose streets he calls home." The Fall of The Twin Towers * The innovative techniques and approaches used in building the Twin Towers... * ...And the mechanics and science behind their fall. * USA Today explains what happened and reconstructs the journeys of several survivors. Their investigative journalism here was top notch. Too bad they've pulled or hidden some of their great multimedia links. Humour * "Hijackers Surprised To Find Selves In Hell." Priceless satire, written as only The Onion can. * Rand Simberg also has a satire for the 2 year anniversary. It's not funny, but it makes its point. Voices from the Aether * Steven Den Beste explains the whole War on Terror. Really. For deeper background, here are Martin Kramer's recommendations - and ours too. * Sometimes a picture really is worth 1,000 words. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Cox & Forkum (Hat Tip: alphapatriot). Some great links in their accompanying blog post, too. * Doktor Frank publishes a post from a punk socialist who lost more than a friend on 9/11 - he lost an entire system of belief. An excellent, emblematic post for something that happened to a lot of people. Found via Judith Weiss, who has a very impressive 9/11 links collection of her own. * You knew that James Lileks would have something to say. Even by a higher Lileksian standard than the rest of us face, his 2002 essay was excellent. Here's 2003. * Jim Cramer's passion isn't confined to MSNBC's Kudlow and Cramer. "The Making of a Hawk" shows a liberal who wasn't just mugged by reality, he was thrashed within an inch of his life and left for dead. Keep reading until you get to the part about his closet. * Brendan Minter: "The significant question, however, isn't where chance found each American that day. Rather it is where each American came to stand when it was time to confront the enemy. Where were you?" Porphyrogenitus' collection of links agrees. * Jeff Jarvis resents the "PBSification" of the War on Terror. As expected, Vodkapundit has a much sounder take than PBS offers. * Tarek Heggy offers a ray of hope from his home in Cairo. "Why Do I Write" could just as easily be titled "Why Do I Fight" the denial, religious intolerance, human rights abuses, and backwardness that afflict his part of the world. * Ken Layne: "How many wanted to do something? I know quite a few of us started these Web logs because we couldn't do anything else, weren't allowed to do anything else. It might seem worthless, typing into a browser window instead of going after terrorists. But it's something." Yes, Ken. In a democracy, where public opinion is the real strategic battleground of this war, it surely is something. Thanks for being part of it with us. * Some good guidance for parents with kids, courtesy of Fred Rogers. When Fred Rogers was a boy and would see scary things on the news, his mother would say to him, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." Yes, we did. One of them, Fred, was you. Had always been you. Thank you. And thank you, too, to all the people out there who helped - and who are still helping. Concluding Thoughts "Men of Cornwall stop your dreaming; Can't you see their spearpoints gleaming? See their warriors' pennants streaming To this battlefield. Men of Cornwall stand ye steady; It cannot be ever said ye for the battle were not ready; Stand and never yield!" -- as sung by Rick Rescorla, Sept. 11, 2001. WTC South Tower (full background on the song, incl. music files) Never forget. Never yield.

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Voices -- Bloggers remember 9.11 from Technically Speaking
Excerpt: I spent my evening/morning reading many stories of 9.11. Many people will be remembering that tradgic day in their own way, today. I want to point you towards some bloggers that are doing it their way. There is so much...
Tracked: September 11, 2003 12:49 PM
Remembering from On The Third Hand
Excerpt: I have been trying to put my thoughts about why we should — and must — remember into words.
Tracked: September 11, 2003 1:52 PM
Never Again from Occam's Toothbrush
Excerpt: In the days after 9-11 many of us looked around and told ourselves that the world had changed. Was there...
Tracked: September 11, 2003 2:28 PM
Men of Harlech from
Excerpt: I can't help it, but it's a song that entered my mind often in the wake of the attacks, too. But it will never be "Men of Cornwall to me. It's Men of Harlech. Several versions can be found here,
Tracked: September 11, 2003 5:12 PM
9/11 Anniversary from Flame Turns Blue
Excerpt: This is all I'll be posting today. If you would like to read something, visit Voices. UPDATE: I'll be adding links related to 9/11 throughout the day. 9/11: Anniversary & Remembrance - Winds of Change (Must Visit!) Are You a...
Tracked: September 12, 2003 1:09 AM
In Retrospect from
Excerpt: Other things stick with you. The description the news applied to people in New York as "panic". I didn't see panic. I saw distraught people leaving - but in an orderly manner (even when running). In a helpful manner. People
Tracked: September 12, 2005 3:01 PM
Dawn Patrol from Mudville Gazette
Excerpt: Welcome to the Dawn Patrol, our daily roundup of information on the War on Terror and other topics - from the MilBlogs, other blogs, and the mainstream media. If you're a blogger, you can join the conversation. If you link...


Joe's not kidding about Rescorla, people. If we can still muster up the ability to appreciate real heros, they'll be singing songs about him in 100 years.

Never forget. Never yield.

Hollywood & the entertainment industry will no longer help spread the word of men like Rick Rescorla. It’s up to all of us in whatever little ways we can & you folks are doing more than your share. I salute this site & others like it—homework, teamwork, standards, in & among sites, as may befit.

If 9/11 birthed today's blogosphere, today the blogosphere keeps 9/11 alive to the mind. (Big Media has lost interest, or is intentionally undermining the war effort.) But -- how appropriate.

"Today is a day to be proud to be American." -- Rick Rescorla, two years ago

I get a lump in my throat when I think of the scene of the defenders at Rorke's Drift singing this right before the final Zulu attack in Stanley Baker's film Zulu!

May we all have the courage to sing and laugh in the face of our psychotic, radical enemy!

Anyone have a mirror for the "Rick Rescorla" story? Site is down for me.

Thanks for saving and sharing these links with us.

All worth every minute it took to read them.



I've copied and pasted the story and emailed it to the address you provided. It won't have the links though, but they are few.

Are you my hero from the afghan forum?

If so, I'm winking my green eye at you with yet another thanks for your service. You are in my prayers.


To Manhattan, to NYC, to America. England salutes you. Through your bravery we can all stand united against this terrible foe. I have never been to NYC or any part of the USA but your determination, courage and grit make me long to. We watched the towers hit, we watched them fall and with you we cried. we watched you search for your dead, support your living and we longed to help. Stand strong, stay proud. My star spangled banner will fly from the front of my house tomorrow as it has done on 9/11 and will continue to on every anniversary.

Here's what I'd like to ask my fellow Americans on this important day in history.

What Does 9/11 Mean 2U?
Dr BLT copyright 2007 Smash Records

Blog n roll songwriter

Here's what I'd like to ask my fellow Americans on this important day in history.

What Does 9/11 Mean 2U?
Dr BLT copyright 2007 Smash Records

Blog n roll songwriter

I wonder if for the seventh anniversary the government is finally going to tell us how gigantic skyscrapers can "collapse" at freefall rate (as the 9/11 whitewash commission and the N.I.S.T. both admitted) when anyone with common sense can figure out that the uppermost part of a building is not going to be able to "fall" into and THROUGH the remaining solid majority of said building at anything remotely resembling the rate of solid objects falling through air (barring the use of explosives i.e. a controlled demolition). Solids just cannot otherwise pass through other solids like that without something (explosives) rendering the remaining majority to such a non-resisting state. Think we'll finally get an actual explanation? Nah, most Americans are far too dumb and detached and mentally castrated to even consider something like that anyway.

Oh, great, a Truther. Meet my l'il friend, Occam.


And hence, clearly the towers never fell down. How far down the rabbit hole you wanna go, man? God i hate truthers.

The WTC collapses were as impossible as piledrivers. Making highrise buildings themselves impossible, since there's no way to sink the foundation columns. QED, 9/11 never happened because the WTC was never built! EMBRACE THE CONTROVERSY!!!


Don't you understand? The lower floors were built by UFOs using pyramid technology. They were solid! Not built by architects and engineers tasked with maximizing usable volume, but by Grays -- or worse, Reticulans!

Don't be a blind fool, the evidence is everywhere. Even the Australians are in on this.

Pay no attention to my #14 where I said that they were never built. That was just the Red Bull talking.

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