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Hippercritical's Winds of War: 2003-11-03

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Welcome! Our goal is to give you one power-packed briefing of insights, news and trends from the global War on Terror that leaves you stimulated, informed, and occasionally amused every Monday & Thursday. In addition, we also have our in-depth Iraq Report. Today's briefings are brought to you by Glenn Halpern of HipperCritical. TOP TOPICS * Just 2 weeks ago, Russia announced that it would delay the launch of the Bushehr plant and EU ministers stated that they were 'deeply concerned' over the human rights situation in Iran. But all those sticks are history. Already, Russia sees no obstacle to the delivery of nuclear fuel to Bushehr and continues to train Iranian nuclear scientists. Meanwhile, the EU is looking forward to the expansion of economic relations with Iran. * JK: It's a Liberal blog-panel on the U.S. Democratic Party & National Security - Roger L. Simon, Calpundit, Armed Liberal, & Matthew Yglesias. Plus a hundred or so commenters in A.L.'s blog posts alone, many with intelligent things to say. Other Topics Today Include: Iran reconciles with all its friends; the Iranian people want a referendum; the latest Iranian interrogation methods; Homeland Security spends; Immigration reform; The counsel of allies; Afghanistan remains dangerous; S. Korea faces up to N. Korean reality; Self-criticism for everyone; Israel's Chief of Staff criticizes current policies.
IRAN REPORTS * The IAEA has yet to complete its review of Iran's latest submission on its nuclear plans, but Iran has already begun to reap the benefits of 'good progress'. * Russia and the EU aren't the only ones to cozy up a little closer to the Mullahs in recent days. So have Japan and the United States of America. Looks like a victory for the State Department. * In case there were any doubts, a top Iranian MP has confirmed the arrest and detention of Dariush Zahedi, an Iranian-American academic. On the flip side, the Iranian regime is wondering what the US is doing with two Iranian journalists captured in Iraq on suspicion of spying. * Amir Taheri knows that there is almost universal agreement in Iran on one word: Referendum * Sneak a peek at the latest and greatest Iranian interrogation techniques here. U.S.A. HOMELAND SECURITY BRIEFING * The State Department is taking some serious steps on US immigration policy in order to protect the nation from infiltration by terrorists. All visa applicants will be required to have their fingerprints taken before a visa is rewarded. The new fingerprinting technology is now being introduced in some locations, and will be installed in all US embassies by October 2004. Also, the green card lottery will be fully processed online, so that the reviewers will be able to 'skim off the people who send in 50 applications'. * The Homeland Security Department has some money to spend, and hundreds of businesses are hungry for a piece of the action. In these last two years, the "homeland security" market has soared like a skyrocket, and America is safer for it. * Here's a military, social and homeland security issue wrapped in one. THE WIDER WAR * Axis of Evil News Flash: North Korea uses nukes for leverage. The Sunshine Policy is setting over the Korean Penninsula, and the South Korean government may be waking up to reality. * Afghanistan continues to be a very dangerous place. The guerilla warfare is actually becoming even deadlier, and it is becoming more difficult to tell if the US is winning. * The UN has recognized the seriousness of the situation and has dispatched a mission of Security Council ambassadors to express support for the Karzai-led government. * Is the US military to blame for recent instability because it handled the Afghan warlords with kid gloves? * And will Hamid Karzai win next year's election? * Meanwhile, Daniel Drezner has a very good article about some Afghani successes. This one involves a British Provincial Reconstruction Team. Hat Tip: Oxblog - who then adds a letter from a correspondent in Kabul. * The War on Terror is a global challenge, and so it's important that Americans listen to the advice of our allies. University of Alberta Professor Andy Knight offers his strategy for dealing with the remaining members of the Axis of Evil. * Of course there are allies, and then there are 'allies'. Here's some words of advice for the American people from a columnist with the Arab Times. This Aussie decries another fine mess. And here's some words from Marcus Gee: USA Must Not Flee. * At this pivotal moment in history, self-criticism is critical, and that goes for everyone, including the Arab world, the EU, Russia, Israel (via its military Chief of Staff), and the USA. * The German weekly Zeithas published some fresh new testimony detailing the sinister plot of the neo-cons to trick President Bush on the Iraq threat and cause a war. Davids Medienkritik takes a closer look at the bios of ze whistleblowers. * We try to close on a lighter note if possible. Dave the Peace Man recruiting some more human shields for Iraq. Please check in if you would like to fulfill your destiny. We're sure the same group who went last time will be eager to show up again, and protect the ordinary Iraqis who are becoming casualties. Thanks for reading! If you found something here you want to blog about yourself (and we hope you do), all we ask is that you do as we do and offer a Hat Tip hyperlink to today's "Winds of War". If you think we missed something important, use the Comments section to let us know.

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