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Eyes On Korea: 2003-11-11

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Winds of Change.NET Regional Briefings run on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, and sometimes Fridays too. Appropriately, this Veterans' Day Regional Briefing focuses on Korea, courtesy of Robert Koehler of The Marmot's Hole. Top Topics ALSO ON TAP TODAY: North Korea, North Korea, and MORE North Korea, fecklessness at the South Korean Ministry of Unification, the debate on sending South Korean troops to Iraq, unionists turn downtown Seoul into a "sea of fire," moon pies (yes, moon pies), and much, MUCH MORE.
Recent Developments North Korea: Recommendations & Debates US-ROK Issues
  • I know you've heard this before, but it looks like USFK is in for some major reorganization. Say goodbye, trip-wire, and say hello to a more mobile "expeditionary" force for wider regional use.
  • Over at the Asia Times, William M Drennan and James J Przystup discuss the future of the US-ROK alliance and ways to bring about an equal partnership.
South Korean Troops to Iraq
  • Well, a decision on Iraq has been made - somewhat. The problem is, the government has yet to decide neither the size nor the composition of the detatchment it will send to Iraq, and despite persistent talk of Mosul, the region to which they will be dispatched has yet to be decided, either. Recent talks in Washington went nowhere. Still, expect what is being called here a "Polish-style division."
  • Debate over the Iraq dispatch is intense. Just to give you an idea of the dialogue, the Marmot partially translated both this interview with Rep. Park Won-hong in which he supports sending peacekeepers to Iraq and this editorial in the left-of-center Hankyoreh Shinmun condemning the decision to send troops. Visit the Oranckay and Seeing Eye Blog for more commentary on the debate within South Korea.
  • Anticipatory Retaliation tells us why linking Iraq to North Korea is a bad idea for South Korea.
South Korea Korean Culture

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Tracked: November 11, 2003 8:27 PM
Excerpt: The CIA says North Korea has working nukes. The CIA presented this assessment as a response to questions raised at...
Tracked: November 12, 2003 2:57 PM
Korea Roundup from brainstorming
Excerpt: Don't miss the Winds of Change regional briefing on all things Korean, Eyes on Korea.. The regional briefings are a wonderful resource, generally written by someone close to the situation. My sincere thanks to Winds of Change for their excellent
Tracked: November 13, 2003 4:17 PM
It's gotta be the shoes from Rufo Tabayoyong : Live from Korea!
Excerpt: Bless me Gidipai, itís been a week since my last confession, and I am heartily sorry for my sins. I have had the lightest week of work since I got here , itís still a lot but it was nice...

1 Comment

Everyone should read The Hidden Gulag. It does a good job documenting the concentration camps of N.Korea. We can't say we don't know what is hapening.

It is 122 pages long. I did try to do a summary when it was released which you can find here:


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