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We Host Carnival of the Capitalists!

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Jay Solo's Carnival of the Capitalists has just made its scheduled arrival at Winds of Change. Please prepare for boarding, and ensure that your mental baggage is securely stowed in the overhead compartments.... Carnival entries are listed by blog name in reverse alphabetical order, and are arranged into several categories: * Odds N' Sods * Innovation & Entrepreneurship * The Tech Sector * Marketing * Corporations & Society * Economics & Policy * Economics & Policy: Immigration Note that posts for next week's Carnival should be sent to capitalists -at-
ODDS N' SODS * Small Dead Animals: Small Live Animals Week 1 Puppies are growing nicely, demonstrating that all can indeed survive and thrive in a competitive free mammary economy. Pictures included. * Master of None: Illegal Analysis How about a French court ruling that a stock analyst who predicted an increase in the price of a particular company's stock owes the company money, because her predicted increase wasn't as large as the company wanted it to be? No wonder the French economy is ailing. * Leads and Gold: "Winner's Curse" Synergy Fest has a series of interesting posts on Winner's Curse (a form of buyer's remorse). I especially liked this one that relates the author's first hand experience with the phenomenon and its causes... * Interested Participant: Professors Paid Better for Good Looks It's clearly recognized that success in a high profile career is affected to a great degree by an individual's physical appearance. Good looks equates to faster advancement and higher salaries. What's not clearly recognized is that good looks also appears to have a significant impact on the salaries in academia, typically a less than high profile career. * The Economics of Cannibalism "But putting aside all of the questions of consent, there is another argument in favor of permitting consensual cannibalism to take place..." * Big Picture: Iowa and Prediction Markets So, how did mock "prediction markets" do in the Iowa Primaries? INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP *, Why You're Not Selling Software - Understanding the Early Market Part 2 in an article about software entrepreneurship. * The Entrepreneurial Mind: International Agenda for Entrepreneurial Economic Development. A report published by the Kauffman Foundation provides some fascinating data on entrepreneurial activity worldwide and a compelling agenda to help in the entrepreneurial revolution taking place around the world. THE TECH SECTOR * Wordlab: Media Wonk Wordlab takes a peek and a poke at Nick Denton's online nanopublishing media empire, Gawker Media Inc. * d-42: On new ads that will take over your browser, and the implications thereof. * Dispatches from the Frozen North: More Evidence of a Maturing Software Industry The software industry is maturing, with the old rapid-growth days behind. Microsoft has to adapt, and it will be more-or-less painful depending on how they approach it. * Blog Business World: Google Goes to the Dance Google is the dominant internet search engine. There is unrest, in the ranks of the search engine optimization (SEO) community, however. MARKETING * A Penny For Your Thoughts: Super Bowl Party - Marketer's Dream Superbowl ads are now a viewer draw all by themselves. Why not extend the idea beyond the Super Bowl? * CRM Mastery, Inc: A Potpourri of Knowledge for CRM Aficionados Over the past several weeks, I've come across a number of excellent weblog posts and articles about Customer Relationship Management that I just haven't had the opportunity to write about. So, I thought that this would be as good a time as any to pass them along to you. * The Calico Cat: From Information Economy To Marketing Economy The economy has moved from agricultural to manufacturing, then to information, and now I reveal the next great shift as we move from an information economy to a marketing economy. CORPORATIONS & SOCIETY * Dr. Smolira: Average Returns Should investors be concerned when they see company's post "average return" figures? * Outside the Beltway: Wal-Mart * BusinessPundit: Corporate Social Responsibility The Economist has a great article called "Two Faced Capitalism." It addresses the rise in demands for corporate social responsibility... ECONOMICS AND POLICY * Soapbox Senate: Free Money Fallacy Every dollar the government gives out must come from somewhere, and the government has only four basic sources of funds... * Roth & Co. P.C: State of the Union - Tax Section A look at the tax proposals in President Bush's 2004 State of the Union Address. Note that the items are informational only and are not meant as tax advice. * Hobbs Online: The Jobless Recovery Isn't Jobless Analysis from economists at Bear Stearns finds evidence of a growing economic recovery in the household employment survey. * Goobage: Competing for Mediocrity Nashville schools aren't posting honor rolls because it may embarrass underachievers. Should businesses be concerned? (N.B. Blogger permalinks don't work, you have to scroll to Jan. 24th) * EconLog: Social Security Privatization, January 21, 2004. In this piece, I argue that the "transition cost" argument against privatizing Social Security is bogus. I also make my usual case against what I call the Stock Market Scenario. Finally, I conclude by saying that privatization is the ultimate lockbox. * The Business Word: Uwe Rheinhardt: Little hope for the uninsured Princeton economist, Uwe Rheinhardt, a widely followed left-leaning health care economist, uses this guest column to try to shame Americans into supporting failed socialistic strategies for solving the problems of the uninsured. * Armed Liberal: I'm a Liberal, Not An Idiot A.L. criticizes Steve Lopez, an L.A. Times columnist with a "progressive" tax plan that would drive down tax revenues and make The State of California's revenue base more unstable all at the same time. ECONOMICS & POLICY: IMMIGRATION * Patterico's Pontifications: Sweatshops And Illegal Immigration Yesterday I linked to a post by Radley Balko regarding a Nick Kristof column on foreign "sweatshops." I think that post has lessons for Americans regarding illegal immigration. * The American Mind: My entry deals with the questions surrounding President Bush's immigration plan. (note: A.L. reference edited for clarity)

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Last Day for CotC Entries from The Trommetter Times
Excerpt: I will only be accepting entries for the Carnival of the Capitalists for one more day. e-mail your entry to...


Calico Cat's proposition that we are transitioning to a marketing economy (in which the primary job in America will be selling things to each other) is persuasive and has some significant truths in it, but there are two problems:

1)It's not sustainable. Imports (of virtually all goods and services) have to be paid for, and there is nothing exportable under this model. The only way in which the accounts can be made to balance is by endlessly increasing foreign investment in the U.S., eventually "selling the tracks," as the old saying goes.

2)There are plenty of marketing jobs which are outsourceable. Many business-to-business sales jobs, for instance, can be done largely over the telephone and the Internet (and I am talking about serious professional selling, not "telemarketing"). These are as outsourceble as any other communications-based activity.

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