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Great News, And Help The Canadians Invade!!

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As some of you know and others may have discerned, TG has consented to marry me in March.

I'm obviously happy as can be, and as soon the psych evaluation her friends have demanded is done (really guys, she's not crazy for marrying me...), we'll be buried in wedding plans. We're doing a couple of truly cool things I can't disclose in order not to blow the pseud, but I can tell you that I'm truly looking forward to the party.

Since I started blogging here, I've spent a lot of time emailing and talking to Joe, but I have never met him. Yet.

I'm hoping he can be here for the event.

Sadly, times being what they are, the trip isn't in Joe's budget, and so I'm asking you - our readers - to hit his PayPal button below in order to bring him here to L.A. for the Wedding. Once we reach our goal and raise the required funds, we'll turn it off.

2 TrackBacks

Tracked: January 31, 2004 7:32 PM
Excerpt: Armed Liberal at Winds of Change is getting married. (Congratulations, AL!) He is trying to bring his blogging buddy Joe (who he has never met) to the wedding. Help him out by going to this post and clicking on the...
Tracked: February 3, 2004 2:37 AM
Happy News and Proxy Blegging from Obsidian Wings
Excerpt: Armed Liberal over at Winds of Change is getting married. He's also trying to raise enough cash to get one of his cobloggers to his wedding, which is at least a switch from the standard "I need a laptop" craze.


It's great news, A.L., and I'd love to share it in person and meet the family. Even tried draining the VISA Air Miles account to make it, but alas, there's nothing available that way to anywhere near L.A. that week. I think it's Spring Break.

I had figured that was that, so thanks, too, for kicking this off. It hadn't occurred to me to try this.

Anyway, it's a long flight from the other side of the continent during a busy time. Early signs are that this will be more expensive than normal.

Any help folks might care to offer is indeed greatly appreciated... including advice on how to find a good deal from Toronto - L.A.


Will this be a geek wedding, a shotgun wedding, or both? :)

There is an El Al flight, code-sharing with American, I think. Seriously. It's the cheapest way to go, about $450 Canadian.

$450 Canadian? That's, what, about ten bucks American?

When I flew to Toronto in April 2002 it cost about $200US round trip, so good deals are possible. Good luck.

Consider flying out of Buffalo. US low-fare carriers don't fly to Canada, so the prices are less competitive.

It might not save you much though; I just tried a search on Expedia (roundtrip, March 21/24, from BUF-LAX and YYZ-LAX), and the low prices were US$270 from Buffalo (one stop) and US$341 nonstop from TO.

The El Al flight is Delta 8987, but American also has nonstop for the same price if you prefer them.

Congratulations on your impending wedded bliss. If PayPal doesn't work out, you could always try teleconferencing...

Congratulation, you two!

congadulations!! im doing a Debate in school about gay marriages and i saw your statement on why u support gay marriages and i support u all the way and i have cousins that want to get married that are gay my self and i think once u know some one who is gay or lesbian you will understand more on why they are. but congradulations! wooooh!

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