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AfricaPundit's Regional Briefing: 2004-03-03

Winds of Change.NET Regional Briefings run on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, and sometimes Fridays too. This Regional Briefing focuses on Africa, courtesy of AfricaPundit. TOP TOPICS
  • Africans at the Oscars: South African Charlize Theron won Best Leading Actress for her role as a serial-killing prostitute in Monster. Also, Djimon Hounsou, originally from Benin, was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for his role in In America.
  • At a conference in Libya, the African Union has approved a continental defense force, while rejecting Qaddafi's proposal to dismantle national defense forces in favor of a single African army. Thank goodness for sanity!
  • Daudi fears that there's yet another genocide about to occur--once again under the radar of most of the world.
Other Topics Today Include: Lots about Libya; war on terror news; Uganda; war in Sudan; update on Comrade Mugabe; Namibia news; religious violence in Nigeria; eco-imperialism.
Libya * Libya's apparent willingness to dismantle its WMD programs has made normalization of economic and diplomatic relations an urgent priority for Washington. The most recent result was the lifting of the US travel ban. * Obviously, this is a good turn of events for those who have business in Libya, but I'm not convinced that it's necessarily good for US policy. * Just what sort of person is Qaddafi? Well, he's the kind of guy who would blame an AIDS outbreak on the Jews. * On the other hand, maybe our enemy's enemy is our friend. Mostly AFRICA notes that relations between Iran and Libya have soured to the point that Qaddafi's regime may become a target of Tehran-funded terrorists. War on Terror * The US military presence in Africa has moved well beyond East Africa's Horn. The military's European Command is now involved in training and equipping several nations in North and West Africa including, notably, Algeria. * As part of this effort, the US has also announced an agreement allowing them to board all Liberian-flagged ships, apparently for counter-terrorism purposes. * Meanwhile, Uganda is fighting their own war against the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) terrorists in northern Uganda. A recent terror attack killed 200. Sudan * The Sudanese government's victory proclamation in the western Darfur province appears to have been a bit premature. In fact, the conflict looks like it's growing, increasingly threatening neighboring Chad. * The UN isn't very reassuring about the situation either. Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is a leader who's got it all: * Anti-media laws? Mugabe's got 'em! * He's also got terrorist training camps, as described in a recent BBC report. * AND Mugabe's got powerful and influential friends. * With a leader like this, it's amazing that Zimbabwe doesn't have a better healthcare system. Must be a neocolonialist conspiracy! Namibia * Namibia's "president," Sam Nujoma, not to be outdone by Comrade Mugabe, prepares to begin forcible redistribution of white-owned farms. Final Thoughts * Botswana is the "most globalized" nation in Africa. Who knew? * Abiola has some interesting comments on Christian/Muslim violence in Nigeria. * I take a look at the phenomenon of Eco-Imperialism and its impact on Africa.


Whereas during the Cold War, America rightly feared Soviet access to WARM WATER PORTS around the world, with the 1989 implosion of the Soviet Union, now RUSSIA, said fear has now devoluted to fear of CHINESE COMMUNIST ACCESS TO WARM WATER PORTS, especially as China slowly but steadily attempts to modernize its economy and nation-state! With many geopolitical analysts and petro-scientists accepting the Russian claim that Russia's oil reserves, thanks to Cold War Soviet overproduction and inefficiencies, may run out in circa 25 years, China is now seeking to boost its own inefficient or limited, or untapped, reserves by searching oil in AFRICA - this capitalist modernization-driven, Chinese thirst for oil, however, has not precluded the Communist central government from desiring to assure "friendly" or "harmonious" interstate relations via absolute pro-Chinese or pro-Communist agendas amongst China's new African state partners! As aptly demonstrated by Chicom-supported, armed NEPALESE MAOIST, INDIAN ISLAMOFASCIST, and INDIAN COMMUNIST-HINDUFASCIST insurgent penetrations into India proper, by similarly supported "fascist" and unitarian Socialist "Nationalist" insurrectionists in BURMA and THAILAND, the Bush administration has received strong evidence of Chinese state or middlemen support for pro-Communist or pro-Socialist "Fascist" revolutionary groups or agendas in Africa, especially amongst the known oil states or those with potential or possible reserves amongst Africa's strategic Central, Southern, and Southwest directions. WHy ultra-Left Communists working for ultra-Rightist FASCISTS or UNITARIAN, CENTER-RIGHT "NATIONALISTS" - simple, the end of the Cold War and implosion of the former Soviet Union also meant the ideological failure not only of COMMUNISM AND COMMAND SOCIALISM, BUT ALSO OF LEFTISM, LIBERALISM, AND NON-COMMAND OR DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM, ALONG WITH ANY AND ALL ASSORTED COROLLARY LEFT-CENTRIC "ISMS"! The only real thing Lefties and Socialists have left is their penchant, their mania, for Government or State-centric POWER, thus we have the anti-Reagan, "reverse DUAL-TRACK" where the Ameircan Clintons and their cabal INTERNALLY work to achieve [COMMUNIST-CONTROLLED] SOCIALISM IN AMERICA, while EXTERNALLY American faces international resistance to [false] allegations of AMERICAN IMPERIALISM, and [GLOBAL] REGIONAL LIMITED WARS, be it conventional only or limited nuclear, to indirectly cause or induce American to globally expand its welfare state vis-avis Republican Bush's War On Terror, and LIMITED WAR against rogue nations! WHILE NOT TO ARGUE THAT REPUBLICANS OR RIGHTISTS ARE NOT CAPABLE OF IMMORAL OR MALICIOUS CONSPIRACY FOR EMPIRE, THE FACT REMAINS ONLY THE FAILED LEFT, TO INCLUDE AND ESPECIALLY HARDLINE COMMUNISTS, HAS EVERYTHING TO GAIN, AS WELL AS EVERYTHING TO LOSE, BY ANY FAILURE TO SUBJUGATE AMERICA UNDER ANTI-SOVEREIGN DOMESTIC ANDOR INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST CONTROL! Take away Fascist Socialism's homogenous ethnic-specific superhatreds, and naturally anti-Rightist, anti-Globalist, anti-Secular super-/hyper-nationalisms, WHAT ONE HAS LEFT IS MERELY DE-REGULATED, NON-MILITARIZED COMMUNISM; DE-REGULATED SUPER-FEDERALISM; or COMMAND CAPITALISM or COMAND REPUBLICANISM-RIGHTISM; COMPETITIVE SOCIALISM-DEREGUL WELFARE STATES, etc. - IOW, for OWG and the global welfare state the Failed Left and Clintons wants UNCHALLENGEABLE COMMUNIST-STYLE NATIONAL AND GLOBAL GOVT-STATE POWER, but with [FASCIST] ECONOMIC COMPETITIVENESS, ie FASCIST REGIONAL-LOCAL CONTROLLED OR LIMITED /AUTONOMOUS DEMOCRACY!? Americans have to understand the "big picture" with 9-11 and the Clintons - Leftism-Liberalism is about command State POWER, NOT UTOPIANISM, NOT ECONOMIC MATERIALISM, and certainly NOT ABOUT LIBERTARIANISM OR DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACY, OR ABOUT DEMOCRACY PER SE!


Paragraphing is your friend. The Caps Lock key is not. It's a nice rant and all, but it might be more persuasive in a readable style. Best of luck!

More bad news for you, Joseph. Look at a map of China... they already have access to a whole bunch of warm water ports.

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