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Jewish Reggae

Welcome to the 21st century, where the best golfer is black, the best rapper is white, and the best new reggae artist is... Jewish?!? Hat Tip to William Leon of Kesher Talk, who has more good news to share today.


Oy vey, mon.

How about hasidic reggae rap? Matisyahu is a young Lubovitch ba'al teshuva (newly-observant Jew) with full beard, black hat, and tzitzis. He is a charismatic performer with a hot band. He writes and performs very spiritual Jewish songs which fit perfectly into the classic reggae vibes and imagery. it sounds like a gimmick but it works.

Sean Paul does seem to be as Jamaican as it's possible to get - no faking the funk there.

Tiger Woods is Thai.

Actually Sean Paul's mother is Asian, father is of Jewish ancestry. So he is not a Jew in accordance to halacha.

Listen or Download
Mp3 from Reggae Artist - DIGNITERY
site @

Tell me what you think?

I think Matisyahu is the best fit for a Jewish Reggae artist

I think Matisyahu is the best fit for a Jewish Reggae artist

I agree, Matisyahu is a true Jewish Reggae artist.

Matisyahu is pure Jewish reggae artist.

I like this ... You may try this also trophies

No one can beat Bob Marley!. office fit out

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