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Hatewatch Briefing 2005-07-29

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Welcome! This briefing will be looking hard at the dark places the mainstream media sometimes seem determined to look away from, to better understand our declared enemies on their own terms and without illusions. Our goal is to bring you some of the top jihadi rants, idiotarian seething, and old-school Jew-hatred from around the world, leaving you more informed, more aware, and pretty disgusted every month. This Winds of Change.NET HateWatch briefing is brought to you by Lewy14 (hatewatch@winds...), and by zorkmidden of Discarded Lies. Past briefings and posts on related topics can be found here. Entil'zha veni!


  • Religious Hate: British Islamists on 7/7; Convert “Sheikh” in Australia: Muslims can’t be friends of non-Muslims; Gay advocacy group reports threats by Muslim fundamentalists in Britain; Michael Graham: Islam is a terrorist organization; Saudi Imam’s incitement thrown down the memory hole; Iraqi Christians fear new constitution; Christians, Ahmadiya face persecution in Indonesia.
  • Idiotarian Seethings: Colorado congressman: bombing Mecca an option; Retired Lebanese General gets creative with “Global Zionism” theme; Retired Egyptian General: Israel behind Sharm e-Sheikh bombings.
  • Race and Culture: Moderate Muslims in Egypt undermined by conspiracy theories; Aryan Nations embraces “jihadeen”; Highbrow incitement against Jews in the Ukraine; Lowlife thugs murder Vietnamese in Moscow; Two essays on the evolution of modern radical Islamism.
  • A Hopeful Note: Musharraf calls for jihad against… extremism; U.N. to (finally) define “terrorism”?; Iraqi prime minister calls Arab media on double standards.

Religious Hate:

  • Radical British Muslims on the London bombings, in their own words.

    Omar Bakri:

    [Bakri’s] site carried a picture of the wreckage of the No 30 bus in Tavistock Square and condemned the fatwa against suicide bombs signed by 500 imams as “clear blasphemy against Islam”.
    and again:
    But in another interview, with BBC1's 10 O'clock News, he said there was "no way" he would condemn Osama Bin Laden. He said: "Why I condemn Osama Bin Laden for? I condemn Tony Blair, I condemn George Bush. I would never condemn Osama Bin Laden or any Muslims."
    al-Muhajiroun leader Anjem Choudary:
    He said the secular as well as moderate British Muslims were also to be blamed for the London bombings. ''They've been saying all along that al-Qaida doesn't really exist, there's no such thing as holy war, nobody's going to do it in Britain. Whereas people like us, we were giving the warning.''...
    Well, he’s right about that. Finally, via LGF, the Christian Science Monitor profiles a sidewalk preacher and his followers:
    Last fall, addressing a meeting of scores of British radicals, he sighed: "At the moment in Britain there is no jihad." Faces fell around the hall.

    "Yet!" he exclaimed suddenly, to approving murmurs. The jihad would soon come, Abu Osama predicted, and he urged his listeners to embrace its arrival.

    I think he means it.
  • Not to put too fine a point on it – this is what really fries me.
    SHEIKH KHALID YASIN: There’s no such thing as a Muslim having a non-Muslim friend , so a non-Muslim could be your associate but they can’t be a friend. They’re not your friend because they don’t understand your religious principles and they cannot because they don’t understand your faith. [emphasis mine]
    Forget (for a moment) jihad and suicide bombing – is this an authentically Islamic stance on friendship? Just asking.
  • Via Instapundit, GayPatriot reminds us that gay and lesbian folks hold a special place in the terrorists hearts:
    A British LGBT civil rights group says its leaders have received death threats from Muslim fundamentalists and warns that gay clubs could be targets for terrorist bombers. "Gay venues could be bombed by Islamic terrorists," OutRage said Monday. "All gay bars and clubs should introduce bag and body searches. Muslim fundamentalists have a violent hatred of lesbians and gay men. They believe we should be killed. Our community could be their next target. This is no time for complacency." …OutRage said that three of the group's officers have received "repeated death threats from Islamic fundamentalists in recent weeks and months." [emphasis mine]
    Read GP’s whole post – the photo of the two young Iranians being hanged (allegedly for rape, though this is questionable) puts a face to the issue in a way words cannot.
  • Michael Graham affords me the opportunity to demonstrate that I am not a card carrying member of the RoPMA crowd: link. “The problem is not extremism,” Graham said, according to both CAIR and the station. “The problem is Islam.” He also said, “We are at war with a terrorist organization named Islam.” For once, I’m forced to take CAIR’s side:
    “It’s amazing,” said Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR’s communications director. “I talked with Mr. Bloomquist and asked him if he would reprimand someone who used the n-word on the air. He said yes. I asked him if he would reprimand someone who read [approvingly] from the [anti-Semitic] ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’ He said yes. So I asked him if he would do the same if someone had called Islam a terroristic organization. Well, he said, it’s all about context, but he never quite explained it to me.”
    Hooper has a point. I favor the careful formula articulated by the new pope Benedict XVI – asked if Islam is a Religion of Peace, he replied:
    "I would not like to use big words to apply generic labels," he replied. "It certainly contains elements that can favor peace, it also has other elements: We must always seek the best elements." [emphasis mine]
    I disagree with Robert Spencer here, I think Benedict meant exactly what he said, and understands that contradictory doctrines may still claim authentic grounding – a key insight.
  • Compared to some of his previous sermons, Saudi Sheikh Al-Sudayyis’s latest sermon was pretty mild, merely calling for Allah to punish the occupying Zionists, infidels, et al . From MEMRI:
    In his Friday sermon of July 15, 2005, Sheikh Al-Sudayyis said: "Oh Allah, liberate our Al-Aqsa Mosque from the defilement of the occupying and brutal Zionists… Oh Allah, punish the occupying Zionists and their supporters from among the corrupt infidels. Oh Allah, scatter and disperse them, and make an example of them for those who take heed."

    It should be noted that the website, which regularly posts Al-Sudayyis's sermons, edited out the above segment, as did the Saudi Gazette, which regularly reports on his sermons.

    It seems the Saudi Gazette was anxious scrub anything that smacked of incitement. Sea change, or merely Orwellian?

Idiotarian Seethings:

  • Via Instapundit and Captain Ed: Speculating on the response of the US in the event of a terrorist nuke, Tom Tancredo suggests we could bomb Mecca. No blog commenting moron he, but a Representative of the State of Colorado.
    "Well, what if you said something like — if this happens in the United States, and we determine that it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, you know, you could take out their holy sites," Tancredo answered.

    "You're talking about bombing Mecca," Campbell said.

    "Yeah," Tancredo responded.

    Captain Ed’s take:
    The idea that the US would retaliate in such a manner should be repulsive to any rational person, no matter where they fall on the political spectrum. The war on terror targets the terrorists and the governments which fund and/or shelter them, not the civilians who happen to live there.
    Exactly right. Again via Glenn, Hugh Hewitt piles on after Tancredo “doubles down on his absurd insistence that ‘bombing Mecca’ ought to be ‘on the table.’”
    "Supporting" Congressman Tancredo on this issue identifies you as an American interested in comforting noise rather than progress in the GWOT.
  • Two (Bronx) cheers for retired Lebanese general Dr. Hisham Jaber, who fills my jaded little heart with mirth. Beyond the usual “9-11 was the product of Global Zionism” drek, he delivers this brand new chestnut:
    "Regardless of the logic of conspiracy, I would like to say something. We read history, and we know that since The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Zionism has forged the New Testament – and by now, 60 million in the U.S. alone have left Christianity to become believers in the Torah.
    I had no idea Judaism was the fastest growing religion in the US.
  • What’s sadder – that some Egyptian security “experts” claim that Israel is behind the Sharm e-Sheikh attacks because they believe it, or because they can cynically exploit the ready market for such claims?
    According to [retired army general Fuad Allam], investigations have shown that the mastermind of the Taba attack was a Palestinian “apparently linked to Israel’s security forces.” He added: “I’m almost certain that Israel was also behind this attack because they want to undermine our government and deal a severe blow to our economy. The only ones who benefit from these attacks are the Israelis and the Americans.”
    Message to Gen. Allam: the civilization you put at risk with your idiotarian seething is not only ours – it is yours as well.

Race and Culture:

  • So, who really believes that nutty conspiracy theory stuff, anyway? The families of the people who died at Sharm:
    They know the answer, yes: the television said that only the Israelis and the Americans have a real interest in seeing Egypt on its knees; General Fuad Allam said that the perpetrators of the Taba attack of October 2004 were apparently linked to the Israeli security forces, and so, supposedly, it is today. Also Al-Jazeera and even Al-Arabia interviewed "experts" to confirm this point of view. A big, beautiful guy with a red T-shirt just puts it down bluntly: "We know only what the television tells us."
    If you’re a moderate Muslim, there’s no point in confronting radicalism if the perpetrators couldn’t possibly be Muslim. Worth reading.
  • Although not adherents of Islam, the Aryan Nations looks at the jihadis and likes what it sees:
    Further … we have taken this approach with alliances to Islamic adherents, because we find their standards of morality to be nearly analogous to our own , and their resolve to uproot and destroy the fallen tree of the Garden, the satanic “jew”, to also be analogous to our own desires and devotion. [emphasis mine]
    Shorter AN: “The enemy of the Jew is my friend”. (No links to the Aryan Nations site, on general principle, but if you’re not familiar with “Christian Identity” theology, do some research – it’d be funny if these guys weren’t so dangerous.
  • In the Ukraine, the literary world is experiencing an explosive fit of anti-Semitic delusion:
    One of the newspapers published a call by the writers to convene an extraordinary congress of Ukrainian writers to destroy “the hotbed of the Elders of Zion ” within the union.

    In a separate development, the head of the Ukrainian Book Chamber published an open letter calling for violence against Jews . The letter by Nikolai Senchenko was published by the newspaper of MAUP, Ukraine’s largest private university, whose leadership has a long history of anti-Semitism. [emphasis mine]

    According to the article, anti-Yuschenko political motivation may be behind some of this agitation, but once lit, these fires feed themselves.
  • is the “site for daily news, opinion, and advocacy on Jews and human rights in the former Soviet Union”. Much of the focus is on anti-Semitic incitement and violence in Russia and the former Soviet Republics, but other racist acts such as the recent beating death of a Vietnamese man by skinheads in a Moscow park. Hostis humanis generis.
  • Two thoughtful pieces on the rise of modern Islamist ideology and influence. First, Dr. Matthias Küntzel traces the collaboration between the Nazis and the Muslim Brotherhood to transform Arab attitudes towards Jews, giving evidence that particular type of anti-Semitism endemic in the modern Middle East is of German origin, and not Islamic:
    Islam was quite a different story. Here it was not the Jews who murdered the Prophet, but the Prophet who murdered the Jews: in the years between 623 and 627 Mohammed enslaved, expelled, or killed all the Jewish tribes of Medina. As a result, the characteristic features of Christian anti-Semitism did not arise in the Muslim world. "There were no fears of Jewish conspiracy and domination, no charges of diabolic evil. Jews were not accused of poisoning wells or spreading the plague." Instead, the Jews were treated with contempt or condescending tolerance. This cultural inheritance made the idea that the Jews of all people could represent a permanent danger for the Muslims and the world seem absurd.
    Worth reading the whole thing. [Hat tip: Dhimmiwatch]. Next, a carefully researched piece by Ian Johnson published originally in the Wall Street Journal, and linked here in the Pittsburg Post Gazette. The article traces the post war emergence of the Islamic Center of Munich, and it’s role in the radical Islamist agenda. This story is something of a moral kaleidoscope, involving ex-Nazis, the CIA, and again, the Muslim Brotherhood. [Hat tip: “Lunchbox”].

A Hopeful Note:

  • Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf commenting on Islamist hatred and incitement in Britain:
    "They [Hizb ut-Tahrir and al Muhajiroun] had the audacity of passing an edict against my life and yet they operate with full impunity. They also give sermons of hate and anger and violence," he said. "Therefore ... there is a lot to be done by Pakistan internally. And may I suggest there is a lot to be done in England also."
    You know, when he’s right, he’s right. Musharraf has detained hundreds of “prayer leaders” and Tony Blair’s government has begun to take steps begun to take steps against hate preachers in Britain. We’ll be watching.
  • Amazing – after nearly ten years, the United Nations General Assembly may move forward on a "comprehensive convention on international terrorism". (Further, major reform of the (thoroughly) discredited “Commission on Human Rights” is also planned.) Kofi Annan, no less, has “suggested as a definition [of terrorism] a simple statement branding any intentional maiming or killing of civilians as terrorism, regardless of the cause.” After obstructing such a simplistic formula as prejudicial towards Palestinian “liberation”, Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa has removed his objections, as has secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic States Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu:
    "Terrorism ... has inflicted so much damage and brought nothing but harm to the Muslim world and its standing, particularly by demonizing the image and reputation of Muslims in the eyes of the world," Ihsanoglu said in a statement issued in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
    We would have preferred something along the lines of “Terrorism... is just friggin’ wrong!”, but if the resolution is adopted, I suppose we should take it. It won’t change the world, but perhaps CBS and the BBC will feel more comfortable with the word...
  • Iraqi Prime Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Ja'fari calls bulls**t on the Arab media regarding double standards and moral relativism:
    "There are crimes committed in Iraq that are not labeled as terrorism [such as] the murder of policemen and heroic Iraqi soldiers...The pure and honest Iraqi woman is killed and this is not called terrorism; the innocent Iraqi child is murdered and the Arabic media does not call it terrorism. The Arabic media remains hostile and not objective. I address my admonition to the satellite TV channels to rise to the level of their responsibilities by showing the facts and calling a spade a spade."
    Sadly, Dr. Ja’Fari, too many of the western media fail to call it terrorism either.

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Tracked: July 29, 2005 8:31 AM
Hatewatch Briefing 2005-07-29 from Winds of Change.NET
Excerpt: This briefing will be looking hard at the dark places the mainstream media sometimes seem determined to look away from, to better understand our declared enemies on their own terms and without illusions. Our goal is to bring you some of the top jihadi ...
Tracked: July 29, 2005 1:47 PM
Winds HateWatch: 2005-07-29 from The Command Post
Excerpt: Welcome! This briefing will be looking hard at the dark places the mainstream media sometimes seem determined to look away from, to better understand our declared enemies on their own terms and without illusions. Our goal is to bring you some of the to...
Tracked: August 26, 2005 4:00 AM
Hatewatch Briefing 08/26/05 from Winds of Change.NET
Excerpt: Welcome! This briefing will be looking hard at the dark places the mainstream media sometimes seem determined to look away from, to better understand our declared enemies on their own terms and without illusions. Our...

1 Comment

Re: Tancredo,

In war time it is never wise to take any options off the table.

Nuking an American city ought to call for the most severe response.

Let the Islamic Nazis think we can be crazier than they are.

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